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Walkie-Talkies - Two-Way Radios - Jetfon

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One pin ergonomic micro earphone + ear hook for Motorola
One Pin Ergonomic Micro Earpiece + Ear Hook for Motorola Radios
Interchangeable ear hook + PTT cable micro earpiece with 1 pin Motorola connection
  • It allows you to exchange headphones with the same PTT microphone without changing the connection cable
  • PTT button with clamp
  • Curly black cable
  • Includes headset hook
  • Connection compatible with Motorola 1-pin walkie talkies
£16.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJDR1708
Kit Bodyguard Kenwood 2 pins
Bodyguard Kit for Kenwood 2 pin Radios
Earphone with special safety microphone for Kenwood 2 pins
  • Special security headset.
  • Built-in microphone
  • Push-to-talk (PTT).
  • Single headset.
  • Rubber tip for comfort in prolonged use.
  • Connection for Kenwood 2 pins.
  • Cable length: 90 cm
£15.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJR1802EC
Bodyguard Kit 2 pins
Bodyguard Kit 2 pins
Headset with microphone and special security for Midland 2 pins.
  • Special security headset.
  • Curly wire and transparent plastic acoustic tube.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Push-to-talk (PTT).
  • A single headset.
  • Rubber tip for comfort in extended use.
  • Cable length: 90 cm
  • Replaceable pads and tube
  • Connection for Midland 2 pins.
£18.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJR1801EC
Earpiece for Vertex and Dynascan Radios
Earpiece for Vertex and Dynascan Radios
Reinforced cable, hook-type microphone with "PTT" microphone and clip
  • Ear hook / ear contour
  • Microphone "Push to Talk"
  • Exclusive accessory, 1pin socket for the Vertex and Dynascan D1 range
  • Model with reinforced cable
£9.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJR1704
BMT Lapel Microphone 2 pins compatible with Motorola
Speaker Microphone 2 pins compatible with Motorola
PTT speaker microphone and jack.
  • Lavalier speaker microphone
  • No Volume Control
  • PTT button 
  • Rotating clip
  • Headphone jack for headphone listening (privacy)
  • Exclusive accessory for models with Motorola 2-pin connection
  • Compatible with Motorola XT420/460, DP1400, XTNI, CP040,, Midland G18, G15, Dynasacan R58
£25.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJR4003
Motorola CLP earhook headset
Motorola CLP earhook headset
Hook earphone with Motorola CLP connection and rugged cable.
  • Earphone hook/ear contour.
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced cable
  • Push to Talk" microphone
  • Exclusive accessory for Motorola range CLP446 connection
£28.99 ex. VAT

Bodyguard Kit for Vertex D1 - 1 pin Radios
Bodyguard Kit for Vertex D1 - 1 pin Radios
Surveillance headset compatible with Vertex D1 - 1 pin radios
  • Special security earpiece
  • Built-in microphone
  • Clear acoustic tube and discreet design
  • Comfort wear
  • PTT
£17.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJR1804EC
Bodyguard Kit for Motorola 2-Pin Radios
Bodyguard Kit for Motorola 2-Pin Radios
Special security headset with microphone for Motorola 2 pin radios
  • Special security headset
  • Incorporated microphone
  • Push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Single headphone
£17.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJR1803EC
Speaker Microphone for Kenwood Radios
Speaker Microphone for Kenwood Radios
Speaker Microphone for Kenwood radios with volume control
  • Speaker Microphone for use with Kenwood radios
  • Volume control
  • PTT
  • Swivel clip
  • Headset connection
  • Exclusive accessory for Kenwood 3301/3401/3501 and other 2-pin Kenwood radios
£27.99 ex. VAT

Ref: PIJR7002

Need help choosing a professional radio?

Walkie Talkies, also known as two-way radios, are portable radios that emit and receive signals on different frequencies so you can communicate freely with people up to 10km away. They are ideal for industries such as construction, manufacturing or hospitality for events and security with multiple people able to listen and communicate with eachother across one or more channels. 

We offer different types based on their characteristics. Choose the one that suits you best!

  •  License-Free (PMR446):

    These are unlicensed two-way radios which you can use for free across most of Europe thanks to their PMR446 standard.

  • ATEX:

    ATEX radios can be used in explosive atmospheres which standard issue radios cannot be used. Onedirect supplies both licensed and un-licensed ATEX radios.

  • Licensed:

    These radios require a license and will give you extra security and privacy when communicating between devices.

At Onedirect you can find all the best brands of walkie talkies: Motorola, Kenwood, Midland, Dynascan, ICOM and many more!

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Walkie Talkies - Two way radios