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Active Hearing Protection

(4 Products)

Our product offerings for active ear defenders allow you to block out loud noise, yet amplify quieter ones. To see what other variations of ear defenders are available, check out our hearing protection guide.

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3M Peltor Tactical XP Flex Headset

High attenuation ear defence with built in microphone - can connect to mobiles, DECT phones and walkie-talkies via a Flex cable
  • High attenuation ear defender headset with built-in microphone and PTT (push to talk)
  • Connects via a Flex cable to mobiles, DECT phones and two-way radios
  • Level dependency lets you hear conversation but blocks louder noises
  • Ideal for hunting, industy or military use
£238.99 ex. VAT

3M Peltor ProTac II Ear Defender - Black

Electronic level dependent ear muff
  • Protects you against loud sounds, amplifies quiet sounds
  • High attenuating hearing protection - SNR: 31dB - class 5
  • Audio input jack for external radio
  • Colour: Black
£129.99 ex. VAT

3M Peltor Tactical XP Standard Ear Defender

High attenuating hearing protection with adjustable volume function for extremely noisy environments
  • Amplifies soft sounds and attenuates sudden loud noises
  • Active volume function with equalizer, balance, adjustable release time
  • Volume for external input and input mode
  • Collapsible headband
£194.99 ex. VAT

3M Peltor SportTac Ear Defenders

Ear defenders ideal for shooting.
  • Ear defenders specially designed for shooting or hunting
  • Amplification of quieter sounds
  • Attenuation of sounds over 82 dB
  • Two-way radio compatible
£97.99 ex. VAT
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