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Professional Mobile Phones

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If your work environment takes you into situations where you may need a robust or even waterproof mobile phone, we are able to offer you a wide range of products suited to your individual needs. We also offer emergency mobile phones for SOS situations as well as a wide range of accessories to work with these products.

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Phone case for Trekker M1- M1 Core
£10.99 ex. VAT
myPhone Hammer Energy 18X9 - Orange + Screen protector
£261.98 ex. VAT
£249.99 ex. VAT
myPhone Hammer Energy 18X9 - Orange, a resistant and robust smartphone. Shop now!
£261.98 ex. VAT
£260.99 ex. VAT
Crosscall Trekker M1 Core + Case
£235.98 ex. VAT
£209.99 ex. VAT
Caterpillar CAT S60 + Protective case
Product end of life
CAT S60 with tempered glass screen protector
Product end of life
Cleyver XDIVE

Cleyver XDIVE

£59.99 ex. VAT
Cleyver Xsmart + Floating case
Product end of life
Protective film for Cleyver XSMART smartphone screen
£2.99 ex. VAT
Cat S52 Smartphone + Jabra Motion Office MS
£630.98 ex. VAT
£613.99 ex. VAT
Product end of life
USB Wall Charger
£9.99 ex. VAT
Ref: ADUSB1500UK
Crosscall Trekker Protective Case
£20.99 ex. VAT
Energizer XP2200 Battery Charger
£13.99 ex. VAT
Ref: ENXP2000
Battery for Gigaset Series C and S
£3.99 ex. VAT
Xqisit Mobile Car charger
£10.99 ex. VAT
Protective Case for Crosscall Mobile Phones
£15.99 ex. VAT
Doro 580 Carry Case
£16.99 ex. VAT
Ref: DM580IUPH
Crosscall Waterproof Earphones
£14.99 ex. VAT
Tempered glass for CATS60
£11.99 ex. VAT
Alcatel 8212 Phone case
£19.99 ex. VAT
Ref: AL8212VH
Protective case for Aastra 142D
£30.99 ex. VAT
Ref: AA142DH
Replacement battery for Doro 580 / secure 580
£24.99 ex. VAT
Tempered glass for Hammer Energy 18X9
£11.99 ex. VAT
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Our range of professional mobile phones is ideal for those looking to separate their private life from their professional one. Nowadays, business professionals are increasingly mobile. They often travel to visit clients, suppliers or service providers, as well as going on business trips or to conferences. Therefore, it is important that professionals can stay connected when on-the-go or keep up to date with emails. Having a tough mobile phone allows you to bridge the gap between your personal and professional life. Even outside of your working hours, your business contacts can reach you at any time.

Basic rugged mobiles vs. rugged smartphones

Here at Onedirect, we offer a wide range of tough mobile phones tailored to your business needs. When it comes to tough phones, they are designed to withstand even the most demanding conditions. Even when working more remotely, rest assured that your phone is built to last. Choose a basic rugged mobile or a rugged smartphone.

Basic rugged mobile phones are straightforward to use while providing you with the most important features. They are generally more affordable than rugged smartphones however; they continue to be extremely robust. Not to mention, they are practical and often smaller than smartphones, making them easier to transport. While rugged mobiles are free from superfluous features, they come with everything you need for your professional day-to-day communications.

On the other hand, rugged smartphones have all the functionalities of a basic rugged mobile and more. Whether you are a true adventurer or work in the construction industry, our rugged smartphones meet military testing standards while combining advanced features for everyday use. Such features include an intuitive touch screen, high-resolution rear and front-facing cameras, 4G connectivity, Bluetooth and additional storage. That is to say, rugged smartphones come with similar technical specs to conventional smartphones on the market, yet they are much more long-lasting.

IP ratings

Our professional tough phones are equipped with impressive IP ratings, otherwise known as Ingress Protection ratings. They determine the level of protection that the device provides against solids and liquids. An IP rating is composed of two digits. The first number refers to the effectiveness of the device at preventing solids, such as dust, from getting in. Meanwhile, the second number illustrates how well the phone is protected from liquid damage, namely water. For example, an IP68 rating means that the phone is completely dustproof, as well as being able to withstand immersion in water at more than 1 metre for 1 hour. Even if the phone falls in water or is submerged, it will still work.

Besides featuring IP ratings, our range of professional mobile phones offers many advantages to the user. For example:

  • Dual sim functionality: this feature allows you to have 2 SIM cards in the same device. Therefore, use two different lines when using a single phone. This removes the need of having to invest in a personal phone and a professional one. Have everything you need on just one phone.
  • Excellent autonomy: designed for use in an array of conditions, professional mobile phones come with a large capacity battery. Communicate with customers and colleagues alike without needing to recharge your phone. Enjoy greater levels of productivity throughout the working day.
  • NFC technology: near field communication (NFC) technology makes it possible to exchange different data without the need for an internet connection. Bring devices equipped with NFC technology or even make contactless payments.