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Cordless Headsets For Desk Phones and Mobiles

(12 Products)

For Desk Phones and Mobiles


Wireless headsets for desk phones and mobile phones connect seamlessly via a connection cable or Bluetooth. These headsets are the ideal solution for professionals who must be reachable daily even when on-the-go.

At the touch of a button, switch effortlessly from a call on your desk phone to a call on your mobile phone. Answer your calls from the device of your choice and enjoy clear-cut communications, even in noisy environments. With these headsets, enjoy both excellent mobility and flexibility.

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Jabra PRO 925 Dual Connectivity Cordless Headset
£164.99 ex. VAT
£153.99 ex. VAT
Ref: GN925UK
Jabra Engage 75 Stereo
£239.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser MB PRO 1 Bluetooth PLUS
£118.98 ex. VAT
£102.99 ex. VAT
Plantronics Voyager 4210 Office
£159.99 ex. VAT
£143.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLVOY4210
oly Voyager 4220 Office MS 2-Way Base - USB-A
£193.99 ex. VAT
Yealink WH63 Teams
£129.99 ex. VAT
£102.99 ex. VAT
Jabra Engage 75 Mono

Jabra Engage 75 Mono

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£227.99 ex. VAT
Jabra Engage 75 Convertible
£239.99 ex. VAT
Poly Voyager 4220 Office , 1-way base

Poly Voyager 4220 Office, 1-Way Base

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£178.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLVOY4220
Poly Voyager 4220 Office USB-C
£193.99 ex. VAT
Poly Voyager 4220 Office, 2-Way Base, Teams, USB-C
£193.99 ex. VAT
Yealink WH66

Yealink WH66

£183.99 ex. VAT
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While landline phones may be the point of call for many businesses, the fast-paced nature of your office might demand a greater degree of flexibility and mobility. Therefore, investing in a wireless headset offering dual compatibility with desk phones and mobile phones is worth considering. Perfect for on-the-go, these headsets allow you to switch and manage your desk phone and mobile calls seamlessly. Thanks to different connectivity options, even when you are away from your desk, you are guaranteed to never miss that important call.

There is no doubt that desk phones boast a variety of advantages including good accessibility and excellent sound quality. However, mobile phones offer similar benefits plus they are an excellent portable alternative. With dual connectivity, the constraints of an ordinary desk phone are no longer a concern. Independently of whether you prefer using your desk or mobile phone for calls, these wireless headsets work with both.

Check out some of the benefits of a wireless headset for desk and mobile phones:

  • Mobility: if your phone is wired, it can be frustrating if you are unable to move with your device while you are on the phone. Thanks to a wireless headset, you can move as you please. Even when-on-the-go, rest assured that you won´t miss any of your calls. Whether taking and answering desk phone or mobile phone calls, rest assured that your wireless headset has got you covered.
  • Hands-free: with a desk and mobile phone headset, there´s no need to hold the handset in your hand, which can cause wrist cramps when you spend hours on calls during the day. Therefore, hands-free provides you with the option of multi-tasking. For example, you are free to type of your keyboard or take notes by hand while on the phone.
  • Comfort (back relief): with a regular phone, holding the phones between your ear and shoulder for writing purposes can cause twisting of the spine, which can have serious long-term consequences. Maintain your health and comfort in the office by opting for a wireless headset.
  • Improved listening: in a particularly noisy environment (a call centre, for instance), it is often difficult to hear the other person clearly by holding the receiver in your ear. With a binaural headset in particular, you will be better isolated from background noise and more concentrated. What´s more, the headsets are equipped with an active noise reduction system. In other words, background noises are eliminated so that the other person hears only your voice. Hear your colleagues and customers alike and be heard clearly.

Which wireless device to choose?

The choice of your desk and mobile phone wireless headset depends on several criteria:

  • The sound level of your environment: if the sound levels are high, we recommend that you opt for a binaural headset that will isolate you more easily. Alternatively, if you work in a relatively quiet office, a headset with one earphone (monaural) could be better suited to your situation. Monaural headsets are even lighter and allow you to remain attentive to those around you, even during a conversation.
  • The type of device to which you want to connect the headset to: apart from your desk phone and mobile, you may also need to use your headset with your PC. If you are looking for a greater level of compatibility, discover our wireless headsets for desk and mobile phones that also connect to a PC.