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Wireless Headsets for Cordless DECT Phones

For Cordless DECT Phones

For fantastic wireless communications in the workplace, look no further than our wireless headsets for cordless DECT phones. Use a wireless DECT headset in conjunction with your wireless DECT phone, avoiding unnecessary clutter at your desk. Thanks to GAP technology, these headsets are compatible with any DECT cordless phone model. Move freely without losing any of your important phone calls. Not to mention, DECT technology sends higher quality voice signals. With these wireless headsets, enjoy the benefits of HD voice, which provide more accurate and clear conversations.

Cordless DECT phones are an excellent alternative to the traditional landline desk phone. They offer similar functionalities to regular desk phones, which continue to be the go-to device for many businesses. However, DECT technology uses less power to operate compared with Wi-Fi and tends to be more cost-effective. Therefore, using device with this technology in your office can be an excellent option for communications on a large scale.


Cleyver Wireless headset
Cleyver HW20
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  1. In stock
    Plantronics C565 Cordless

    Plantronics C565

    £57.99 £69.59 Incl. VAT
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    Ref: PLC565
  2. In stock
    Cleyver HW15 - Duo

    Cleyver HW15 - Duo

    £89.99 £107.99 Incl. VAT
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    Ref: ODHW15
  3. In stock
    Cleyver HW10

    Cleyver HW10 Mono

    £47.99 £57.59 Incl. VAT
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    Ref: ODHW10
  4. Discontinued
    Gigaset AS405A + Plantronics C565 pack

    Gigaset AS405A + Plantronics C565 pack

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    Ref: SIAS405AC565UK
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