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Basic Rugged Mobiles

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Designed for those working in challenging environments, a basic rugged mobile is an excellent option. Thanks to their fantastic accessibility, professionals have all the important functionalities they need to stay in the loop. While rugged mobiles are not equipped with as many advanced features as smartphones, they are still extremely robust. Spend less time getting your head around superfluous features and more time being productive.

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Cleyver XDIVE

Cleyver XDIVE

£59.99 ex. VAT
Caterpillar CAT B26
£59.99 ex. VAT
£43.99 ex. VAT
Ref: CATB26
MyPhone Hammer Patriot +
£51.99 ex. VAT
Hammer Patriot Plus + Car holder

Hammer Patriot Plus + Car holder

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£66.98 ex. VAT
£65.99 ex. VAT
RugGear RG310 (1)
£231.99 ex. VAT
Crosscall Spider X4 Tough Mobile Phone
£79.99 ex. VAT
Crosscall Spider X1 Tough Mobile Phone (Black
£69.99 ex. VAT
£57.99 ex. VAT
Crosscall Shark X3
£82.99 ex. VAT


£89.99 ex. VAT
£82.99 ex. VAT
myPhone Hammer 4
£64.99 ex. VAT
MyPhone Hammer 4 + Silver
£79.99 ex. VAT
myPhone Hammer 3+ Tough Mobile Phone
£69.99 ex. VAT
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Do you often work on-the-go or want to keep your personal phone separate from your work phone? For an extremely versatile and durable device, look no further than our range of basic rugged mobiles. Whether you are working remotely or undertaking a hobby, your rugged mobile can be used anywhere and everywhere. Stay in touch with colleagues or friends even in harsher environments. Not to mention, our basic rugged mobiles come with IP ratings. This means that they offer protection against damage from liquids and solids, such as dust and water. As a result, basic rugged phones are much more long-lasting compared with standard mobile phones on the market.

While it is true that basic rugged mobile phones do not come with all the advanced functionalities found on rugged smartphones, they still offer many notable advantages. These include:

  • Straightforward to use: basic rugged mobiles are renowned for their ease of use. They offer all the important features you need for excellent productivity even when on-the-go. If you don´t require advanced technical specifications, you can´t go wrong with a rugged mobile phone.
  • Cost-effective option: these professional mobile phones are generally more affordable compared with smartphones. In the event of your smartphone getting damaged, it is likely that it will be expensive to repair or replace. Fortunately, with a basic rugged phone, they are cheaper to replace while also being very robust. That is to say, these phones make for an excellent long-term investment because they are significantly less likely to break.
  • Work anywhere – equipped with impressive IP ratings, our devices work virtually everywhere and under even the most demanding conditions. Therefore, they are adaptable in any working environment. Not to mention, an IP rating means that a basic rugged mobile is drop-proof, shockproof and waterproof.

IP ratings

Our professional tough phones are equipped with impressive IP ratings, otherwise known as Ingress Protection ratings. They determine the level of protection that the device provides against solids and liquids. An IP rating is composed of two digits. The first number refers to the effectiveness of the device at preventing solids, such as dust, from getting in. Meanwhile, the second number illustrates how well the phone is protected from liquid damage, namely water. For example, an IP68 rating means that the phone is completely dustproof, as well as being able to withstand immersion in water at more than 1 metre for 1 hour. Even if the phone falls in water or is submerged, it will still work.

For those in search of a robust and reliable device, we cannot recommend a basic rugged mobile enough. Forget the more advanced features of a smartphone; a basic rugged phone comes with the foundations for your everyday communications. It is extremely practical and can withstand even the toughest conditions. Designed to last, some of our professional mobile phones also offer a dual-sim functionality, fantastic battery life and NFC technology. Not to mention, our rugged phones are easy to use and affordable, meaning that you can´t go wrong.