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Bluetooth Headsets

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Bluetooth headsets are an essential in any office environment. With so many different styles, brands and functionalities on offer, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your working style. If you’re not sure which will be the best bluetooth headset choice for you or you business, our informative blog posts will be able to point you in the right direction!

Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets
Jabra Talk

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Jabra Evolve 65 MS Duo
£109.99 ex. VAT
£99.99 ex. VAT
Jabra Evolve 65 MS Mono PC Headset
£94.99 ex. VAT
£85.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser MB Pro 1
£93.99 ex. VAT
£89.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser MB Pro 1 UC ML
£139.99 ex. VAT
£119.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser MB Pro 2
£105.99 ex. VAT
£99.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML
£139.99 ex. VAT
£131.99 ex. VAT
USB charger and stand for MB Pro Series
£24.99 ex. VAT
Poly Voyager Focus UC B825 With Base
£169.99 ex. VAT
£149.99 ex. VAT
Poly Voyager Focus UC B825-M
£149.99 ex. VAT
£134.99 ex. VAT
Plantronics Voyager Focus UC ML Headset With Base
£169.99 ex. VAT
£149.99 ex. VAT
bluetooth earhook Midland WA21
£24.99 ex. VAT
Ref: MIWA21
Poly Voyager 5200 UC
£99.99 ex. VAT
£94.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLVOY5200UC
Jabra Evolve 75 MS Stereo Bluetooth Headset 1
£189.99 ex. VAT
£154.99 ex. VAT
Jabra Evolve 75 MS Stereo Bluetooth Headset (w/Charging Stand) 2
£204.99 ex. VAT
£174.99 ex. VAT
Poly Voyager 8200 UC
£205.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLVOY8200UC
Sennheiser USB charger for MB Pro 1 and MB Pro 2 - charge cable only
£17.99 ex. VAT
Jabra Evolve 75e MS
£139.99 ex. VAT
Poly Voyager 6200 UC
£164.99 ex. VAT
£159.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLVOY6200UC
Jabra Talk 25

Jabra Talk 25

£30.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser MB Pro 2 Buetooth PLUS
£130.98 ex. VAT
£118.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser Presence Grey Business
£79.99 ex. VAT
£67.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser Presence Grey UC
£94.99 ex. VAT
£88.99 ex. VAT
Plantronics Savi 8240M Office
£239.99 ex. VAT
£214.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLW8240M
Plantronics Voyager 4210 Office
£159.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLVOY4210
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Bluetooth headset: choose freedom and flexibility!


Why choose a Bluetooth headset?


As our working patterns continue to evolve, people are becoming increasingly mobile and they therefore require tools which are designed to be used while you are on the go. It is for this reason that the Bluetooth phone headset is becoming increasingly popular each year. As its name suggests, this headset can be connected to your devices via Bluetooth, rather than by using a cable. It can be connected to any computer, smartphone, tablet or landline equipped with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to make phone calls and listen to music. It is the perfect solution to the steadily decreasing use of the jack plug by global mobile phone manufacturers.

Wireless Bluetooth headsets offer great mobility to your daily life: with this type of headset, you no longer need to hold your phone to your ear, which not only frees your hands to write, for example, it also gives the ability to move about freely while you take calls. You are no longer forced to remain in the office, provided of course that you do not travel too far. The range for Bluetooth connectivity is smaller and goes up to a few dozen metres at maximum. However, this technology, which connects devices via radio waves, still provides major benefits to its user. Most importantly, it can be used anywhere, which means you will be able to communicate from the headset even when you are travelling or you are in a Wi-Fi or 4G-free zone.


What are the key benefits of the Bluetooth phone headset?


Are you still unsure? Here are some of the many benefits of a Bluetooth headset to help you decide:

•  Its multi-connectivity: as previously mentioned, the Bluetooth phone headset is multi-point. In real terms, you can connect the same headset to multiple devices at the same time (your personal and work mobile, for example), allow you to centrally manage calls and audio. Whenever of the two phones rings, the headset will automatically identify which device the call is coming from and you can answer the phone directly from the headset. If a call comes through from the second device, the headset will then beep to alert you. Thanks to its multi-point connectivity, you will be able to connect up to 3 devices to your headset, depending on the model you choose.

•  Remote control buttons: in order to give you the greatest possible mobility and take your calls even when you are away from your device, the Bluetooth headset is equipped with remote control buttons. You can answer/end calls, adjust the volume, or cut the microphone using the mute function, without needing to touch your device. This is perfect for when your smartphone is in your pocket, and you want to be able to answer a call easily and quickly.

•  Battery life: what would a headset be without long-lasting battery life? You no longer have to fear running out of battery because Bluetooth phone headset models in this category have long-lasting battery life which will last a whole day or more without needing to be charged! For this reason, they are the best companion for mobile workers, who may not always have access to a power outlet.

•  Noise-cancelling microphone: is your workspace noisy and disruptive? Do you worry about your caller being frustrated by background noise? Say goodbye to these worries with a Bluetooth headset: they are equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone that picks up background noise around you and eliminates it. Even if you are in a noisy call centre, a crowded train station or out in the open air, your call will always be able to hear your voice clearly and will be able focus on your conversation.