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Ergonomic micro-earphone Motorola 2 pins + Headset hook

Earphone interchangeable hook + PTT cable Modular 2-pin connection Motorola

Manufacturer Ref.: 6540 - JRD-1703EC Product Ref.: PIJDR1703
Ergonomic micro-earphone Motorola 2 pins + Headset hook

Key features

  • It allows you to exchange headphones with the same PTT microphone without changing the connection cable
  • PTT button with clamp
  • Curly black cable
  • Includes headset hook
  • Connection compatible with Motorola 2-pin walkie talkies

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£13.99 ex. VAT
£16.79 incl. VAT

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Product information

Egonomic Micro-earphone with headset hook

The Motorola 2-pin micro-headset is designed to offer maximum ergonomics in your hands-free communications.

The microphone has Push To Talk with clip, a black curly cable, and a port to which you can connect and disconnect the headset you want:   with hook or earloop. 

This kit includes an interchangeable ear hook. The hook is very ergonomic for the ear, which makes it comfortable, even after prolonged use.

The headset is very hygienic, since it is attached to the outer part of the ear and, in addition, it has a replacement pad that you can use whether you want to share your headset or if you lose the pad.

Adapt your hands-free kit to working conditions! Connect the headset that best suits your needs in different work situations and enjoy hands-free communications.

This micro headset has a 2-pin connection compatible with a range of walkie-talkies that have a Motorola 2-pin connection socket (Motorola CP040, Motorola XTN ...).


Accessory type Microphone
Motorola XT420 without Charger
£89.99 ex. VAT
£79.99 ex. VAT
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