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Headset Cable Guide

When buying a corded headset, it's important to know what cords and cables you might need to connect your headset to your devices. Take a look at the questions below and download the full headset cable guide to find out exactly what cables are available and which ones you'll need to buy.

Most corded headsets are equipped with a Quick Disconnect or EasyDisconnect connection. In order to use your headset with your devices, a bottom cable is used to link this connection to the device.
A range of bottom cables are available, including 2.5mm/3.5mm headset jack, USB and desk phone connections.

The type of cable you need to buy depends on your headset and the device you are connecting to. You need to ensure that the bottom cable is compatible with your headset and your specific device.
For full compatibility advice, download our headset cable guide that tells you which cable you will need to buy.

An amplifier is connected to your headset in order to improve sound quality and protect the user from sudden sound spikes.

A handset lifter is really easy to install and should take no more than 2 minutes. You simply place the lifter in the correct position and press down to attach the lifter to the telephone base.

A Y training cable is used to allow two people to listen in to a call at the same time, making it perfect for training or supervising.

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