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Desk Phones with Built-In Answer Phone

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Desk Phones with Built-In Answer Phone
With an answer phone built-in for your convenience and ease of use, our selection of analogue phones with answerphone is perfect for ensuring you never miss a message from a customer or colleague. This way, even when you are at your busiest, rest assured that you will always stay on top of your calls. Purchasing a desk phone with an answering machine can help to increase your productivity and in turn, guarantee customer satisfaction. 

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BT Paragon 650 Corded Phone With Answer Machine
£49.99 ex. VAT
£44.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BTP650UK
BT Decor 2600

BT Decor 2600

£29.99 ex. VAT
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For greater flexibility and handling a high volume of calls, investing in a desk phone with an integrated answer machine will be a game-changer. Here are some of the notable advantages of a built-in answer phone:

Never miss an important call

In cases, where you are occupied on a sales call or out of the office, rest assured that colleagues and clients alike can still reach you. With an answering machine, calls that cannot be taken immediately can always be made at a later date. This way, even out of office hours, your business is still reachable.

Strong customer relationships

The fact that your customers and business partners can contact you at any time means that your business can maintain a high degree of reliability and accessibility. With a built-in answerphone, maintain a good professional image.

Great cost-effectiveness

Another benefit of having a built-in answer machine is that it can help to reduce labour costs. Rather than having to employ a greater number of professionals to work around the clock, an answering machine means that your employees do not have to work overtime. Instead, any missed calls can be tracked and caught on the next working day. This way, your business budget can be spent on other important core business activities.

Multitasking at its finest

There may be times during the working day where other business activities or tasks require most if not all of your attention. While you complete other important tasks off your to-do list, managing your calls remains a priority. As important messages can be left and stored on your desktop phone, complete core business activities while your answer machine does the rest. In turn, keeping on top of any missed calls can help to reduce stress levels and make your nine-to-five run more smoothly.

Desk phones with a built-in answerphone allow for seamless call management 24 hours around the clock. They can help to significantly boost your business´ efficiency and productivity throughout the working day. Even when you are away from the office and preoccupied with other tasks, rest assured that you will maintain excellent client and supplier relationships. Answer machines also increase accessibility, meaning that investing in desk phones with such features will be all the more affordable for your business in the long run.