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Walkie-talkie Accessory Buying Guide

As there is wide range of accessories available for your Walkie Talkie, all designed to help you and your colleagues make them most of your radios, we have put together some queries you may have regarding these and which ones may be most suitable to your needs.

For outdoor activities there is a range of earpieces available for your radio. If you are working in construction, ear defenders are the ideal accessory for this type of work.

Whether enjoying a bike ride with your friends or using machinery you may require hands-free kits or headset. With many styles available ranging from with or without microphone to helmet microphone you will find the perfect one to suits your needs.

If you are working in an environment with exposure to loud noise such as factories, airports or construction ear defenders may be required as part of health and safety regulations.

These are the ideal accessory if you need to speak or listen without having to remove the radio from its belt.

With a wide range from soft leather to waterproof, using protective covers and carry cases is a great way of safeguarding your radio.

This will depend on the radio you have and the frequency you are using it. Most radios come with rechargeable batteries. Replacements batteries are also available if you are unable to recharge on the spot.

You may only need a single charger if you are not using your walkie talkie frequently, however if you are using more than two radios at any one time, multi-unit chargers are available.

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