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Desktop Phone Accessories

(103 Products)

Desk Phone Accessories

From telephone cords to DECT base stations or even replacement batteries, our range of telephone accessories will be able to provide the solution to your telephony needs.

Keypad Expansion Modules for Telephones

Keypad Expansion Modules
for Telephones

Repeaters for DECT Telephones

Repeaters for
DECT Telephones

DECT Base Stations


Switches and Routers

Switches and Routers

Telephone Cables and Coil Cords

Telephone Cables and Coil Cords

Power Supplies, Chargers and Batteries

Power Supplies, Chargers and Batteries

Covers and Clips for Cordless Phones

Covers and Clips for Cordless Phones

Other Telephone Accessories

Other Telephone Accessories
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Batch of 10 Coiled Telephone Handset Cords (Black)

Batch of 10 Black Coiled Telephone Handset Cords for telephones with RJ11 ports
  • For telephones with RJ11 ports
  • Maximum uncoiled length: 0.5m
  • Colour: black
£44.99 ex. VAT

6w Yealink Power Supply for T18 / T19 / T2X / T41 / T42

Power supply for Yealink T18, T19, T2XP and T41, T42 Series IP Phones
  • Power Supply for Yealink IP phones
  • Compatible with Yealink SIP-T18, SIP-T19, SIP-T20, SIP-T22 and SIP- T28, T41, T42 IP phones
  • Image may vary slightly from actual product
£9.99 ex. VAT

Gigaset Repeater 2.0

Doubles the range of your cordless phone from its base station
  • Allows you to double the range of your cordless phone
  • Automatic registration
  • Up to 6 repeaters can be connected to each base station
  • Each repeater can be used with 2 handsets - handles 2 silultaneous calls
£112.99 ex. VAT

Snom M5 DECT Repeater

Snom M5 DECT Repeater for extending coverage of your DECT base
  • Snom M5 DECT Repeater
  • Increases the range of snom DECT bases
  • Wideband audio
  • Allows 'daisy-chaining' with more repeaters
£166.99 ex. VAT

Polycom PSU for VVX 300/310/400/410

Polycom PSU for VVX VoIP deskphones
  • Compatible Polycom VVX300/310/400/410
  • Alternative to PoE
  • Pack of 1 power supply
£27.99 ex. VAT

Skross EU to UK Mains Adapter

Europe - UK Adapter power adapter
  • Input voltage: 220V - 240V
  • Colour: White
£9.99 ex. VAT

Snom M700 IP DECT Base

Snom M700 IP DECT Base expandable up to 40 bases and 200 handsets
  • Snom M700 IP DECT base
  • Multicell allowing up to 40 base stations to be connected
  • Up to 200 handsets
  • Supports M5 repeaters
£299.99 ex. VAT

Konftel IP DECT 10 Base Station

SIP base station to enhance the quality and freedom of your conference calls
  • Connects with up to 5 Konftel 300Wx units
  • SIP connection to the company's IP PBX system
  • HD audio
  • Easy registration and set-up
£131.99 ex. VAT

Gigaset N300 IP Dect Base Station

Dect IP Base Station for analogue and VoIP calls
  • Connection via analogue line (RJ11) and IP (RJ45 internet router)
  • Multi-line for up to 6 handsets and 4 parallel calls
  • Expandable up to 6 VoIP accounts/numbers
  • HD sound on VoIP calls
£50.99 ex. VAT

Snom D7 Expansion Module

Expansion module with 18 programmable LED keys
  • 18 programmable LED keys
  • Daisy chainable with a total of up to 3 expansion modules
  • High resolution display with backlight
  • Powered by host phone
£91.99 ex. VAT

Protective Case for Gigaset A, AS, C, E and S Phones

For protection of Siemens Gigaset phones
  • Compatible with Siemens Gigaset Series A, AS, C, E, S ,SL (Except SL100, SL1, SL37, SL37)
  • Belt clip
  • Leatherette
  • With transparent screen protector for direct keypad access
£7.99 ex. VAT

Standard Telephone Line Cable - Black

Black telephone line cable in black
  • 3m phone cable
  • Black
  • Connects your phone to a standard BT line connection
£3.99 ex. VAT

Yealink BT40 Bluetooth USB Dongle

USB dongle for Bluetooth headsets - compatible with your Yealink T27G, T29G, T46G, T48G, T46S and T48S phone
    • Works with Yealink T27G, T29G, T46G, T48G, T46S and T48S for compatability with a Bluetooth headset
    • Bluetooth V4.0 and a range of 10 metres
    • A2DP technology
    • Multipoint technology that allows connection with up to four devices at the same time
£41.99 ex. VAT

Yealink EXP20 Expansion Module

Expansion module for SIP-T27P and SIP-T29G advanced IP phone models
  • Bright LCD display with actionable LCD-accessible icons
  • Programmable keys for advanced call functions
  • Supports up to six modules
  • Up to two expansion modules can be powered by the host phone
£87.99 ex. VAT

RTX8660 DECT Base Unit

Base unit for the RTX8630 DECT IP system
  • Base unit for RTX8630 system
  • Combine with either RTX8830, RTX630 or RTX430 handsets
  • DECT IP technology
  • Powered through Ethernet cable
£136.99 ex. VAT

Battery for Gigaset SL Series

Spare battery for Gigaset SL series
  • Compatible with Gigaset SL560, SL56, SL100, SL1, SL370, SL37, SL2, SL3
  • For SL400, SL40, SL780, SL78, the correct battery is Ref. No. SIBATSL2
£5.99 ex. VAT

Universal Power Supply for Polycom VVX D60

Polycom universal power supply for use with VVX D60 handsets
  • Universal power supply for Polycom VVX D60 handsets
£20.99 ex. VAT

Polycom VVX D60 Accessory Kit

Accesory kit for Polycom VVX D60 handset featuring a battery, belt clip and wall mount.
  • Pack featuring all the must have accessories for the VVX D60 handset
  • Features wall mount bracket for your DECT base
  • Belt Clip for even more freedom
  • Ni-MH 800 AAA rechargeable battery with 100 hours standby life
£19.99 ex. VAT
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Key features view  Basic view