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Cordless phone with answering machine

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Built In Answer Phone
With a built-in answerphone to collect any vital messages you may have missed otherwise, our range of cordless phones with answer phone built-in not only offer you the freedom of cordless phones, but the peace of mind that your colleagues and customers can always reach you.

Top 10 Cordless Phones
Top 10 VOIP Desk Phones
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Gigaset C630A - Single
£39.99 ex. VAT
£31.99 ex. VAT
Ref: SIC630AUK
Gigaset C630A - Twin
£59.99 ex. VAT
£49.99 ex. VAT
Gigaset AS405A + Additional handset Gigaset AS405H
£46.98 ex. VAT
£35.99 ex. VAT
Gigaset AS405A + 2 Additional handset Gigaset AS405H
£66.97 ex. VAT
£47.99 ex. VAT
Gigaset AS405A + Cleyver HW15 pack

Gigaset AS405A + Cleyver HW15 pack

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£116.98 ex. VAT
£100.99 ex. VAT
BT Elements 1K
£74.99 ex. VAT
£67.99 ex. VAT
BT Elements 1K Twin Pack
£124.99 ex. VAT
£117.99 ex. VAT
BT Diverse 7450 Plus
£49.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BTD7450UK
Gigaset E630A Robust Cordless ECO DECT Phone

Gigaset E630A

£99.99 ex. VAT
£78.99 ex. VAT
Ref: SIE630AUK
BT 4600 Single
£39.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BT4600UK
BT 4600 Twin

BT 4600 Twin

£58.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BT4600DUK
BT 4600 Trio

BT 4600 Trio

£69.99 ex. VAT
Ref: BT4600TUK
BT Everyday Phone with Answer Machine Single
£24.99 ex. VAT
BT Everyday Phone with Answer Machine Trio
£47.99 ex. VAT
BT Essential Phone Single
£35.99 ex. VAT
BT Advanced Phone Single
£49.99 ex. VAT
BT Advanced Phone Duo

BT Advanced Phone Duo

Call us for Availability
£69.99 ex. VAT
£65.99 ex. VAT
BT Essential Phone Duo
£59.99 ex. VAT
£54.99 ex. VAT
BT Essential Phone Trio
£71.99 ex. VAT
BT Essential Phone Quad
£79.99 ex. VAT
BT Advanced Phone Quad pack
£94.99 ex. VAT
BT Premium Phone Single
£62.99 ex. VAT
BT Premium Phone Duo
£84.99 ex. VAT
BT Premium Phone Trio
£99.99 ex. VAT
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Choose a cordless phone with answering machine and never miss a call again!


What are the benefits of having a cordless telephone with answering machine?


While every call is important, it is not always possible to respond immediately to all of your business partners, suppliers and current and prospective clients. For example, you may receive a call outside of business hours, when you are on leave or perhaps when you are taking another call, if you do not have an IVR switchboard.

With a cordless phone with answering machine, these worries will be a thing of the past! The models we offer are equipped with an integrated answering machine, which is typically built into the telephone base unit and offers between 20 to 55 minutes’ worth of storage for recording answerphone messages. When you are not available to take a call, you caller will be prompted to leave a message so you can call them straight back.

This type of telephone offers many significant benefits for small businesses:

• The answering machine can be consulted remotely: you will be able to listen to your work messages wherever you are, simply by dialling a specific number, using a landline phone or smartphone. This allows you to call your customers back, even while you are on the go!

• Simple and intuitive functionality: you will be notified of each new message on the answering machine screen. It will also let you know the exact time and date the message was recorded and the telephone number of the caller.

• A customisable answering machine: cordless telephones answering machine are plug-and-play for ease of use: they offer a pre-recorded voice message, which you can then customise depending on the needs of your business. You can also choose when the answering machine will be activated, either immediately, after 10 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.


Enjoy even more functions with a cordless phone with answering machine!


In addition to a built-in answering machine, our DECT phones are ideal for use in the workplace. They offer you considerable mobility and flexibility while taking calls, due to their range of up to 300m when outdoors (or in open space) and 50m indoors, and their long-lasting battery life allows you to make calls throughout the day without needing to recharge the device.

They are also equipped with a hands-free function thanks to the high audio quality offered by its speaker, which allows you to share the conversation audio with those around you, or to simply enjoy the comfort of hands-free calling. For even greater mobility and flexibility, the cordless telephone with answering machine  is frequently equipped with a headphone jack. You can therefore connect a wireless headset and communicate from anywhere in your office (with a range of up to 180m from the phone) without needing to hold the telephone handset. Some models can also be connected to Bluetooth earpieces and headsets for even greater practicality!

Connect up to 6 additional handsets to your cordless phone with answering machine, in order to set up your business with ease and deliver a more professional telephone reception service. By adding other handsets, you will benefit from additional professional features, which are not available with a single cordless phone. For example, you will be able to transfer calls, make free internal calls between handsets and enjoy three-way conference calling. To further simplify your purchase, we offer duo and trio packs, which include a cordless phone with an integrated answering machine as well as one or two additional handsets.

Finally, cordless telephones with answering machine are particularly convenient due to being lightweight and easy to hold, which is because they have been designed for intensive use. Its menu is ultra-intuitive, making it suitable for any type of user. Its advanced features include being able to import contacts from your computer or smartphone (depending on the model), create VIP lists to group your most frequent contacts (with the option of customising ringtones), deactivate the telephone ringtone within defined time slots (day/night mode), etc. Some landline phones with an integrated answering machine are also equipped with a remote wireless base, which connects to your telephone jack, allowing you to put the phone wherever you like, including in rooms without phone jacks because a single power supply will be sufficient.