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With dedicated digital phones, they connect only on switchboards of the same brand. Connecting your key phones to the same business telephone system allows for excellent scalability in your business. Our key phones come with all the traditional switchboard functions and they are perfect for companies or departments, which share an office facility. Not to mention, key phones provide users with a visual indication of which lines and extensions are ringing or in use. Besides boasting excellent accessibility, the products within this range will make call management a breeze. Thanks to simple installation and automatic registration to key stations, you will be ready to communicate in no time.

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  1. Orchid Telecom KP832 Key Phone

    Orchid Telecom KP832 Key Phone

    £117.99 £141.59 Incl. VAT
    Ref: OTKP832UK
  2. Orchid Telecom KP616 Key Phone

    Orchid Telecom KP616 Key Phone

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    Ref: OTKP616UK