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PC Headsets

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£42.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser SC 75 USB MS
£64.99 ex. VAT
£52.99 ex. VAT
Dell Pro UC150
£51.99 ex. VAT
£39.99 ex. VAT
Ref: DELLUC150
Poly Blackwire 7225 USB-C - Black
£119.99 ex. VAT
£99.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PL7225C
T'nB First headset double Jack
£16.99 ex. VAT
£13.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser SC130 USB-A
£35.99 ex. VAT
£34.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser Century SC 660 USB CTRL ML Headset (3)
£119.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser SC 635 Mono
£79.99 ex. VAT
£69.99 ex. VAT
Ref: SESC635
Jabra Evolve 65 MS Mono PC Headset
£94.99 ex. VAT
£85.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser SC 635 USB
£99.99 ex. VAT
£96.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser Circle SC 260 USB MS II
£85.99 ex. VAT
£69.99 ex. VAT
Jabra PRO 930 Duo
£149.99 ex. VAT
£124.99 ex. VAT
Ref: GN930DUK
Sennheiser SC660 USB ANC
£159.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser MB Pro 1 UC ML
£139.99 ex. VAT
£119.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser D 10 USB ML Cordless PC Headset
£144.99 ex. VAT
£120.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser Century SC 630 USB CTRL ML Corded Headset
£103.99 ex. VAT
Plantronics Savi 8240M Office
£239.99 ex. VAT
£214.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLW8240M
Sennheiser Presence Grey UC
£94.99 ex. VAT
£88.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser SC 260 USB PC
£79.99 ex. VAT
Plantronics EncorePro HW720 Digital Duo PC Headset
£134.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLHW720D
Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825-M
£149.99 ex. VAT
£134.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML Cordless Headset
£227.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser DW Office ML + FREE Handset Lifter
£233.98 ex. VAT
£193.99 ex. VAT
Sennheiser SC 665 Duo
£99.99 ex. VAT
Ref: SESC665
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Communicate from your computer, using a PC headset with microphone!


Why choose a PC headset with microphone?


A PC headset is perfect for users and mobile workers who take calls from their computer, PC or Mac, via softphone software. The softphone provides all the necessary tools to transform your computer into a real desk phone. You can manage your fixed line and all other exchanges (e-mails, instant messages, etc.) from a single device, even when you are not in the office.

Many headsets in this category are compatible with the major softphones on the market: you have the option of using Skype for Business, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, amongst others, and you can enjoy easy access to all tools at your disposal.   Ideal for unified communications, the PC headset with microphone can be connected to many different types of devices (depending on the model) in addition to your computer: from landlines, smartphones to tablets. PC headsets can be connected in a variety of ways, such as by USB, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, etc. Some headsets are even multipoint: they can connect simultaneously to several of your devices and allow you to centrally manage all of your communications. So, if you have connected your PC and your mobile phone, every time you receive a call on one or the other, you can take the call directly on the headset using the control keys on the device. Save time and boost your productivity daily! For further ease of use, wired headsets have plug and play functionality: simply plug them in and you can communicate from your softphone, without any need for configuration.

In terms of its features, the PC headset with microphone delivers a consistently high-quality sound experience, even if you are in a noisy open space or in a train station. It is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone, which eliminates background noise from your surroundings. Your caller will never be disturbed by any noise around you. Enjoy the best possible sound wherever you are, whether you are listening to music on your computer or participating in online conferences.


How should you decide on the best PC headset with microphone for you?


There are a wealth of different options for computer headsets. To help you navigate your options, here are some of the criteria you need to consider:

  • Mobility: when you take calls from your softphone, do you need to move around or are you constantly looking at your screen? A wireless headset enables you to communicate freely at up to 180 metres from your computer, while a wired headset, which is a cheaper option, would better suit users who do not require significant mobility.

  • The type of environment where you work: if the noise volume is particularly high and you face multiple distractions, such as in call centres or public spaces, the duo PC headset with microphone would be the best option. As it is equipped with 2 headphones, this type of headset isolates you from any distractions, meaning that you will always be able to hear the caller clearly, therefore boosting your productivity and reducing fatigue. Conversely, if you are working in a quiet office or workspace, the mono headset (1 single headphone) could be an excellent alternative. This option is more lightweight and it allows the user to continue to pay attention to those around them, even while in conversation using the headset.

  • How often you are using the headset: for each frequency of use, there is a tailored headset option! Whether your usage is occasional, frequent or intensive will affect which headset is right for you. An entry model headset may be best if you only take a few calls during the day and spend less than 2 hours per day on the phone, or a durable model may be better suited for you if you are in constant communication with others. Similarly, if you listen to a lot of music and want to enjoy the best possible sound quality, we recommend an audio headset, as it equipped with wide insulating headphones to deliver an extraordinary HD sound experience.