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Keypad Expansion Modules for Telephones

(7 Products)

For those professionals who require more out of their desk phones, we offer a selection of keypad expansion modules from a variety of brands, adding a great deal of functionality to your product.

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snom D7 Expansion Module
Snom D7 Expansion Module
Expansion module for 7XX series with 18 programmable LED keys
  • 18 programmable LED keys
  • Daisy chainable with a total of up to 3 expansion modules
  • High resolution display with backlight
  • Powered by host phone
  • Compatible with snom 710, 720, 760
£91.99 ex. VAT

ATL MOCET IP-EDMX Expansion Module
ATL MOCET IP-EDMX Expansion Module
Extended dial module for MOCET IP3000 series with 24 programmable keys
  • For the ATL MOCET IP-3000 series IP deskphones
  • 24 LED programmable keys
  • Touch sensitive buttons
  • Up to 2 units per IP3000 phone
  • Weight: 300g
£37.99 ex. VAT

Huawei 7803 Extension Module
Huawei 7803 Extension Module
Extension module with 38 keys and display
  • 38 key panel with a 160x320 pixel display
  • Compatible with 7830/7850/7870
  • Supports a maximum of 2 eSpace 7803Xs cascaded to one IP phone
  • 20 buttons with double-colour LED lights to distinguish contact's line status
£159.99 ex. VAT

Ref: HU7803
Siemens Optipoint Expansion Module Refurbished (White)
Siemens Optipoint Expansion Module Refurbished (White)
16-key expansion unit for Siemens Optipoint phones
  • 16 function keys
  • By combining with the shift key 30 call destinations can be programmed.
  • LED to distinguish functions and active keys.
  • Maximum 2 units per phone
  • White colour
  • Refurbished product
£40.99 ex. VAT

Cisco 7915 Add On Module for Cisco 7962G, 7965G and 7975G 1
Cisco 7915 Add On Module for Cisco 7962G, 7965G and 7975G
12-key expansion module with screen for Cisco 7962G, 7965G and 7975G
  • 12 line keys (24 additional keys)
  • Tri-color indicator lights
  • 2 keys to toggle between 2 pages
  • 4.3" display
  • Exclusively for Cisco IP 7962/7965/7975
£119.99 ex. VAT

Ref: CI7915
Mitel-Aastra M535 Expansion Module
Mitel-Aastra M535 Expansion Module
15 additional keys with Led and screen
  • Extension module with screen.
  • 15 supplementary function keys and 3 levels for each key.
  • Compatible with Aastra 5370 / 70ip and 5380 / 80ip.
  • LEDs bright for each key.
  • "Shift" key to change the level of each key
£90.99 ex. VAT

Ref: AAM535
Siemens Optipoint 500
Siemens Optipoint Expansion Module Refurbished
Refurbished 16-key expansion module (Black)
  • Refurbished, eco-recycled: refurbished and factory reconditioned product.
  • Extension module with 16 additional function keys
  • Exclusive accessory for Siemens Optipoint 500 phones
£40.99 ex. VAT

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