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Plantronics Headsets

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Plantronics Headsets
Below you will be able to find our full range of Plantronics headsets, which cater to a variety of needs.

Top 10 Plantronics Headsets
Megacall VOIP Service
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Plantronics CS540
£129.99 ex. VAT
£104.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS540
Plantronics C565 Cordless
£55.99 ex. VAT
£49.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLC565
Plantronics EncorePro HW520 Duo
£98.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLHW520
Plantronics CS520
£178.99 ex. VAT
£165.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS520
Plantronics Entera HW121N Duo USB
£79.99 ex. VAT
Plantronics CS510
£140.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS510
Plantronics CS 510 + APS-11 EHS cable
£165.98 ex. VAT
£163.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS510S11
Plantronics CS520 + APP-51 EHS Cable
£203.98 ex. VAT
£180.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS520P51
Plantronics CS520 + Plantronics APS-11 EHS Cable
£203.98 ex. VAT
£185.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS520S11
Plantronics CS520 Cordless Headset + Plantronics APV-63 EHS Cable - Avaya
£204.98 ex. VAT
£188.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS520V63
Plantronics CS540 Cordless Headset + APV-63 EHS Cable for Cisco
£155.98 ex. VAT
£125.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS540AV63
Plantronics CS540 + APS-11 EHS cable
£154.98 ex. VAT
£127.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS540S11
Plantronics Savi W740-M + APP-51 EHS Cable for Polycom
£270.98 ex. VAT
£255.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLW740MP51
Plantronics Savi W740-M + APS-11 EHS Cable - Siemens
£270.98 ex. VAT
£260.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLW740MS11
Plantronics Savi W740-M + APV-63 EHS Cable - Avaya
£271.98 ex. VAT
£261.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLW740MV62
Plantronics CS540 Cordless Headset + Spare battery for Plantronics CS540
£146.98 ex. VAT
£115.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS540P
Plantronics EncorePro HW545 USB 3-in-1 PC Headset
£110.99 ex. VAT
Plantronics CS540 Cordless Headset + APC-45 EHS Cable for Cisco
£154.98 ex. VAT
£124.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLCS540APC45
Plantronics APC-45 EHS Cable for Cisco
£24.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLAPC45
Plantronics APC-82 EHS Cable
£26.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLAPC82
Plantronics Savi APS-11
£24.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLAPS11
APT31 Electronic Hook Switch Cable - Avaya Tenovis
£25.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLAPT31
Plantronics APV-63 EHS Cable - Avaya
£25.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLAPV63
Plantronics APV-66 EHS Cable for Avaya
£23.99 ex. VAT
Ref: PLAPV66
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Plantronics headset: innovation, durability and high sound quality!


Why choose a Plantronics headset


Did you know that Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, uttered his now-famous words into a Plantronics headset? Established almost 60 years ago, the American brand Plantronics has since become the global leader in professional headsets. The brand's headphones are internationally renowned for their innovation and durability.

Do you work in a call centre? Do you work from home? Or are you a travelling salesperson? At Onedirect, you can browse all Plantronics headphones, which have been specifically designed to make your professional life easier, including wireless headsetswired headsets or  headsets for PC/Mac. Our models can connect to a standard desk phone, a DECT cordless telephone, a mobile phone or a PC.

Opting for a telephone headset can offer many benefits in the workplace:

• You will have your hands free when taking calls: it is not always easy to make notes or type at your computer when holding a telephone handset. With a headset, this problem is easily resolved as you no longer need to hold the handset to your ear, and your hands are free.

•  You will have better posture: Using a Plantronics headset with a microphone means that you will no longer be forced to place the handset between your shoulder and your ear during long phone calls. Holding a handset in this way results in the twisting of the spine, which can cause damage when you do it on a regular basis, leading to blockages, neck stiffness and tension. With a headset, you will be able to keep your back straight throughout the day, improving your posture.

•  You will enjoy the best possible sound quality: it is not always an easy task making a call from a landline when working in a shared office, particularly if you cannot get any privacy. Are you tired of missing every other word of a conversation and having to ask your caller to repeat themselves? If so, why not opt for a headset? A headset will allow you to hear better and it will boost your concentration, even more so if it is a headset with two headphones! You can concentrate on your call in your own little bubble, away from the noise and disruptions of a busy workspace.

 •  You will be able to manage several devices at once: some Plantronics headphones are multi-point, which means that they can simultaneously connect to multiple terminals. For example, you can connect a wireless headset to both your smartphone and your computer via Bluetooth, and juggle calls from both devices with ease. Many headsets, known as UC headsets (Unified Communications) are also multi-connector: they offer several connector options, so that they can be connected to multiple different types of devices at the same time. They can be connected by registered jack to your landline phone, to your PC via USB, or by 3.5mm jack to your mobile, etc.


Which Plantronics headset should you choose? Should you go wired or wireless?


Choosing between wired or wireless headphones depends on the type of work you do and on your specific requirements:

•  Wireless headsets: a wireless headset is the ideal solution if you need to be able move around your office while staying in communication with your customers. Wireless models have a maximum range of 180 metres, they allow you to make calls while moving around between offices while at work. Most models have long-lasting battery life when in standby and when in use, making them ideal for intensive use, such as in call centres. The Plantronics CS520 Duo headset battery can last up to 24 hours while in standby and up to 13 hours while in use. Thanks to remote commands on the Plantronics headset, you can even manage your calls when you are away from the office: you can answer and end calls, increase or decrease the volume and temporarily disable the microphone with the mute function.

•  Wired headsets: conversely, the wired headset is better suited to professionals who stay at their workstation during calls. In the blink of an eye, they can be plugged into your communication device (landline, mobile, PC/Mac or tablet) for instant usability. For this reason, it is also ideal for users who need a headset that is easy to install, such as people who travel or work from home on a regular basis. As it is powered through its cable, it does not need to be recharged, making it a highly practical tool that you can use wherever you are. Finally, the wired headset is also slightly less expensive to purchase in comparison with a wireless headset.