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Let's make a brief introduction before getting into the subject: Videoconferencing is a technology that enables simultaneous audio and video communication between two or more people located in different places over the Internet.

It is a powerful tool that allows individuals and companies to connect visually regardless of their geographic location (as long as they make good use of it). However, few companies truly exploit its full potential.

That's why we offer you the opportunity to learn more about the topic. Equipment for individual workstations or meeting rooms, help with choosing, configurators, tips and tricks – our guide has it all!


Introduction to video conferencing


5 good reasons
to use it!

How to choose
the most suitable tools?

Attitude at the conference:
the golden rules

Our expert advisors

Glossary - Our bible
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Equip a workplace

Digital nomads or employees who telework: your workplace is your world! To be effective, the norm is that it is both practical and welcoming, promoting motivation and creativity.

Video equipment, audio equipment, Internet connection and conferencing software... without further ado, we reveal our specifications for equipping a workstation for video conferencing:

What equipment do you want to use?


Speaker VS Headphone


And what platform do you want to use?

Microsoft Teams


Google Meet


Equip a meeting room

Meeting rooms offer the technical means to create greater engagement among employees. The objective of a videoconference space is to overcome the distance factor, which makes it very difficult...

From layout and equipment to meeting platforms, here's what to consider when designing your video room:

Determine your needs

Room sizes


The essentials for a meeting room

Camera / Video Bar

Audio system


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Room reservation management