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Digital Call and Voice Recorders

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Digital Call and Voice Recorders

Voice recorders are the perfect tool for recording large and small meetings, for taking notes, for professional dictation, for capturing conversations and even for recording music. We also offer a selection of call recorders to help you keep a record of your telephone communications.

For professional dictation

For professional dictation

For recording conversations

For recording conversations

Accessories for Dictaphone

Accessories for Dictaphone

Call Recorders

Call Recorders
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Olympus WS-853 Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorder with intelligent auto mode for detailed recording in all situations
  • 8GB internal memory and up to 32GB external
  • 2080hr recording time
  • Two built-in directional stereo microphones
  • Intelligent auto recording
£61.99 ex. VAT

Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pickup Microphone

For recording phone conversations
  • Records phone calls
  • Suitable for mobile phones and landlines
  • Plugs into the microphone jack of your Olympus voice recorder
  • Earpiece tips in three different sizes
£16.99 ex. VAT

Olympus VP-10

Sleek digital voice recorder with brand new technology for business use
  • Omni-directional microphones emit little noise and deliver high quality recordings
  • Anti-rustle filter to allow you to effectively record from your pocket
  • One-touch recording
  • Noise cancellation and Voice Balancer produce only the best sound
£67.99 ex. VAT

Olympus WS-852 Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorder with Intelligent AUTO mode for superb sound quality
  • 4GB internal memory and up to 32GB external
  • 1040hr recording time
  • Two built-in directional stereo microphones
  • Intelligent auto recording
£49.99 ex. VAT

Sennheiser Dictaphone Interface Cable

Cable for connecting your Sennheiser headset to your dictaphone
  • Connection cable for voice recorder/dictaphone
  • 3.5 jack connection
  • Compatible with the UI 760 amplifier
£21.99 ex. VAT

Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Recorder

Handheld mobile multi-track recording studio with superior editing features - essential for any music professional
  • Multi-track recording, overdubbing editing features and phantom power
  • Ultra sensitive 90º microphone system and with metronome and tuner
  • Built-in amplifier with noise cancellation, high signal-to-noise ratio
  • 4GB internal memory and SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot
£249.99 ex. VAT

Olympus ME52W Microphone

Noise cancelling tie-clip microphone
  • Noise cancelling
  • Simple Plug-in connection, for all Olympus ranges
  • Unidirectional and high sensitivity
  • Comes with tie clip, extension cable and windscreen
£17.99 ex. VAT

Olympus ME51S Stereo Microphone

High quality, unidirectional stereo microphone
  • High quality stereo recordings
  • "T" shape microphone. 
  • Sensitivity of -40dB at 1kHz
  • 3.5mm plug for your microphone socket
£47.99 ex. VAT

Vidicode USB Analogue Call Recorder Pico

Record directly to your PC with USB connection
  • USB connection port
  • Database storage on your PC with registration of data: time, date, internal and external telephone number, duration of call and more.
  • Allows you to record calls automatically or manually
  • Unlimited recording time ( 1GB on hard disk = 180 hours of conversation)
£249.99 ex. VAT

Philips LFH9173 Tie-clip Microphone

Microphone for Digital Pocket Memos and Digital Voice Tracers
  • Electric condenser microphone for superb recording quality
  • Built-in clip
  • Omni-directional microphone features a 360 degree sound pick up
  • Wind shield improves sound potential by prevening noise
£19.99 ex. VAT

Retell Smart Phone Voice Recording Device

Simple and easy-to-use voice recorder for use with 4-pole audio socket smart phones
  • Connects to your smartphone via 4-pole audio socket which can be found in most iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones
  • 20 hours' recording time when fully charged and 144 hours recording capacity (4Gb)
  • 99 individual recording files held on the devices internal memory. 
  • VOX voice operation mode and a charging time is approximately 2.5 hours
£81.99 ex. VAT

Philips DPM6000 Pocket Memo Digital Voice Recorder

User-friendly, push-button memo recorder that you can operate with one hand
  • SD memory card slot (up to 32GB)
  • Push-button for single-handed operation for recording and playback
  • Two built-in omnidirectional microphones
  • DSS (Digital Speech Standard), MP3, PCM voice and PCM stereo recording
£249.99 ex. VAT

Philips LFH-7177 Transcription Kit

Transcription easy and intuitive
  • Digital transcription system
  • Work quickly and comfortably
  • Displays all relevent information
  • Compatible with recorders Philips 9400/6450/9360/9220/7260/7274
£159.99 ex. VAT

Philips LFH9172 Conference Microphone

Conference microphone with innovative boundary layer design
  • Boundary layer microphone design
  • Plug & Play: quick and easy installation
  • 360º sound pick up for optimal recording
  • Extendable recording range by connecting up to 6 conference microphones
£139.99 ex. VAT

Philips LFH9162 Telephone Pickup Microphone

Easy recording of telephone conversations with the Philips LFH9162 Pickup Microphone
  • Suitable for all telephones
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Super sensitive microphone
  • Easy handling with retractable cable
£21.99 ex. VAT

Olympus A514 USB Charger / AC Adapter

Charge with using a PC
  • 4 connectors: UK, Europe, Japan/USA and Australia
  • Compatible with USB cable
£24.99 ex. VAT

Olympus ME34 Compact Zoom Microphone

Compact unidirectional zoom microphone
  • Ideal for use at meetings or small conferences
  • Designed for use on the go
  • Unidirectional zoom microphone
  • Limits nearby background noise
£44.99 ex. VAT

Olympus DR-2200 RecMic USB Microphone Premium Kit

Engineered for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software
  • Comes with ODMS for Clients - Dictation Module software
  • Multi-functional slide switch and trackball navigation
  • Directional microphone
  • Perfect for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software
£264.99 ex. VAT
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Need to record meetings, lectures or calls?

With functionalities that Smartphones do not offer, dictaphones and voice recorders are excellent tools for professionals.

Handheld Recorders:

Great for those who need to record interviews, meetings or lectures so you can listen back later.

Call Recorders:

Record and store calls from your phone enabling you review the content at a later date for transcription or quality control purposes.

Onedirect offers the best brands whichever recorder is best suited for you: Olympus, Philips, Soundtech and more! With these recorders, you can save all the audio content that you need.

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