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Olympus DM-770

Light-weight, feature-full voice recorder

Manufacturer Ref.: V414131SE000 Product Ref.: OLDM770
Olympus DM-770Olympus DM-770

Key features

  • Light-weight
  • “Milestone-marker” feature
  • Voice Guidance and Distinctive Button Contours
  • HD audio
  • Sonority Audio Notebook Plug-in

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  • 2 years standard warranty
£140.99 ex. VAT
£169.19 incl. VAT
Product information

Featuring fully-fledged professional features for blind touch use

The Olympus DM-770 Voice Recorder provides exceptional support for its user, featuring fully-fledged professional features for blind touch use.

The enhanced Voice Guidance recognises seven languages

The enhanced Voice Guidance recognises seven languages in combination with Distinctive Button Contours so you can operate it by touch alone.

Excellent stereo recordings and superior audio quality

This device delivers excellent stereo recordings and superior audio quality. There are two stereo microphones that are supported by one omnidirectional microphone making the resulting audio balanced and life-like. Every recording has every detail. It can adapt to noisy surruondings by “zooming” in on the desired audio and comes with 6 different pre-set scenes to choose from to automatically select a situation to adapt to.

With a weight of 72g the X is extremely lightweight. It has an external microSD slot and is capable of internet-independent data transfer to a PC. It has 8GB of memory.


  • HD recording – low-noise microphone
  • Backlit display
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 35h play
  • Voice guidance
  • Sonority Audio Notebook Plug-in
  • 200 files per folder
  • 7 languages
  • Dimensions: 105.9x39.6x14.4mm
  • Weight: 72g
Warranty2 years
Internal MemoryUp to 8GB of internal memory
MicroSD/SD card slotWith MicroSD/SD card slot
USBWith USB cable
Recording formatMP3 format, PCM format
MicrophoneTriple microphone
Zoom micWith zoom mic
360º RecordingWithout 360º recording
Dragon Software CompatibleOlympus Sonority
Maximum recording time2007 h
Battery Life1 x AAA
Mac compatibleCompatible with Mac
+1 Year Extended Warranty
  • This product has a manufacturer warranty of 2 years

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