Motorola CLP446e + Motorola Motorola G-Shaped Earpiece (Short Cord)

Internal ref: MOCLP446EEOC // Manufacturer part #: CLP0166BHLAA

PMR446 rugged hands-free walkie talkie pack (Vox) plus short earpiece

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Key features

  • Walkie Talkie for hospitality, point-of-sale and outdoor use
  • Extension cable for easy handling
  • With handsfree function (Vox)* and secure accessories
  • Drop-, water-, dust- and vibration-resistant (IP54) 
  • License-free communication free of charge
  • Discreet and elegant design with wide range up to 7km
  • Operation time: up to 18h
  • Voice-assisted operation and intelligent status light

In the box

  • 1 x Motorola CLP446e
  • 1 x Pouch with swivel belt clip
  • 1 x Discreet, rugged, comfortable earpiece
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Lockable and long-life Li-ion battery pack
  • 1 x Motorola PMLN8125

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Product description

Unlicensed Walkie Talkie: rugged and stylish for a hectic pace 

Immediate customer contact and fast response is the key to any service. Conditions in the hospitality and point-of-sale sector are becoming increasingly demanding and staff need to have an effective and robust communication tool. With the Motorola CLP446e and Motorola PMLN8125 pack, you have the solution to your needs. Combine elegance, discretion and comfort in a device that will allow you, completely free of charge, to communicate between users within the same range. This Walkie Talkie meets the requirements of those who are in direct contact with customers and have a hectic pace. It is resistant to drops, water, dust and vibrations and has a hands-free function (Vox).

Resistant and practical for services

Particularly suitable for professionals in retail (shops, points of sale), hospitality and healthcare due to its lightness and ease of use as well as its discretion. It is resistant to falls (MILSTD810 standard), water and dust (IP54 certified), and vibrations. It is very compact and weighs only 95g. It has a status indicator light so that at a glance you can have all the information you need and act discreetly. Its loud and clear sound makes it an ally in noisy environments so you can communicate perfectly with your colleagues. Its sleek, modern design gives the walkie-talkie indispensable versatility in your work environment, as it can be attached to a belt or magnetic clip, giving you the freedom to get on with your work. Plug in the included headset and start using your CLP446 in a very intuitive way. All these features make it the most practical tool for all services.

Professional features: hands-free

All the technology you need in the palm of your hand. The device has a built-in Vox function that allows you to turn it into a handsfree device, making your communication more convenient. Its accessories have a safety lock to ensure that you can keep the device compact at all times and avoid any unforeseen events. The central button is large and textured for easy and discreet access as well as volume control. A voice-assisted implementation will accompany you when you start using Motorola CLP446e so you won't miss any details. In addition, it has an alert function in case you want to send an important message to all your users. With a range of up to 7 km* and the possibility to operate on 16 different channels, it is the most professional walkie talkie for free use.

Adapts to a hectic pace

Motorola CLP446e meets high-quality standards with its ruggedness and materials making it suitable for any work environment and intensive use. No need to worry about long shifts, long events or everyday use, this device will allow for stable use and antimicrobial protection. Its autonomy reaches up to 18 hours in conversation. In addition, with its different LED lights you can separate your users by teams to avoid unnecessary interruptions. This device will bring you good results adapting to your frenetic pace.

*In stable conditions

How to activate the Vox Function in Motorola CLP446e?

In order to use the Vox function in your Motorola CLP446 device you need the programming cable and the Motorola software. Once you have your device in front of you, connected to the cable and the software open, you must follow the following steps: 

1. Activate the Vox function

2. Turn on the walkie-talkie, press the PTT button and the on/off switch at the same time.

3. The Vox function is activated.


Motorola CLP446e:

  • Compact and lightweight 95gr
  • 16 programmable communication channels
  • License and subscription-free (PMR446)
  • Compatible with other PMR446 walkies
  • Vox function
  • Clear sound, ideal for noisy environments
  • Built-in antenna to ensure great coverage
  • Drop resistant to MILSTD810 military standard for heavy-duty use
  • IP54 certified to resist water, dust and vibration
  • Li-ion battery provides up to 18 hours of talk time and 14 hours of standby time
  • Antimicrobial protection: helps prevent the formation of germs and microbes on the surface of the radio
  • Range up to 7 km*.
  • Low battery alert
  • Accessory connection: headset, bodyguard kit, microphones
  • Accessory security
  • 2.5 mm jack connection

Motorola PMLN8125:

  • Comfortable headset for long-term use
  • Built-in PTT button
  • Extension cord for easy handling
  • Adapted for VOX function
  • 1-pin connection technology 
  • Plug it in and secure it to avoid drop

Product Specs.

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Manufacturer part #CLP0166BHLAA
Warranty1 year

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