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Motorola CLP446e

Sleek, durable, licence-free PMR446 walkie-talkie with hands-free VOX function - ideal for intensive use

Key features
  • Perfect for use in hospitality, retail and outdoor settings
  • Hands-free (VOX) function and safety accessories
  • Resistant to falls, water, dust and shocks (IP54) 
  • Licence-free so you can communicate for free
  • Discreet and elegant design with comprehensive coverage up to 7km
  • Long-lasting battery life to power you through a long shift (up to 18 hours)
  • Voice-assisted operation and smart status glow ring
EAN: 5031753009618Manufacturer part #: CLP0166BHLAA
Internal ref: MOCLP446E

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1 year standard warranty
£227.99 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Licence-free walkie-talkie: durable, sleek and designed for fast-paced working

Easy contact with customers and rapid responses is the key to any business. Working in hospitality and retail is becoming increasingly demanding, so staff in these sectors need an effective and robust communication device they can rely on. The Motorola CLP446e is the ideal solution to meet workers’ needs; it combines sleek and discreet design with comfort in a single device which allows simple and free communications between users within the same range. This walkie-talkie meets the needs of professionals who are in direct contact with customers in fast-paced environments. It is resistant to falls, water, dust and shocks and also has a hands-free VOX function.

Durable and practical for business

It is particularly well-suited for professionals in retail (working in shops and outlets), in hospitality and in healthcare, thanks to its lightweight and discreet design as well as its ease of use. It is resistant to falls (it meets MIL-STD-810 standards), water and dust (it is IP54 certified), and shocks. It is very compact and weighs only 95 grams. It has a smart status glow light to give you all the information you need in just a quick glance. Its loud and crystal-clear sound means that is the ideal companion when working in noisy environments, allowing you to communicate easily with colleagues. Its sleek and modern design makes the Motorola walkie-talkie versatile and adaptable for working professionals - it can be worn on a belt or on a magnetic clip to give workers’ greater flexibility while they are using it. All you have to do is connect the headset to start using the CLP446 easily and intuitively. Its multiple features make it a practical communication device for businesses.

Professional features: Hands-free functionality

All the technology you need in the palm of your hand. The device incorporates VOX functionality so it can be used while hands-free, making communication even more practical. Accessories have a safety lock to keep the device secure at all times, avoiding any accidents. The centre button and volume controls are large and textured for easy use, so you do not have to look at the device to use the device or alter settings. Voice-guided navigation will help staff learn the system when they start to use the Motorola CLP446e to avoid any confusion and ensure that no detail is lost. It also has an alert function if you want to send an important message to all users. With its range of up to 7 km* and its 16 different channels, the Motorola CLP446e is a licence-free walkie-talkie which offers you even more professional features.

Adaptable for fast-paced working

The Motorola CLP446e meets high quality standards thanks to its high level of resistance and its accessories which enable it to easily adapt to any work environment and withstand intensive use. No need to worry about long shifts, extended events or intensive daily use, this walkie-talkie delivers reliability and antimicrobial protection. Its long-lasting battery life can last for up to 18 hours talk time. In addition, LED lights will allow you to separate different users by team in order to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. This device delivers great results and adapts easily to fast-paced working.

*In good conditions


  • Compact and lightweight at 95gr
  • 16 programmable communication channels
  • Licence-free and no need for subscriptions (PMR446)
  • Compatible with other PMR446 walkie-talkies
  • VOX function
  • Crystal-clear sound, ideal for noisy environments
  • Integrated antenna to ensure wide coverage
  • It is resistant to falls, it meets MIL-STD-810 military standards and will withstand intensive use
  • IP54 certified, with water, dust and shock proofing
  • Long-lasting Li-ion battery with up to 18 hours of talk time and 14 hours of battery life in standby
  • Antimicrobial protection to help prevent the formation of germs and microbes on the surface of the radio
  • Range up to 7 km*
  • Low battery alert
  • Connection with accessories: headphones, bodyguard kit, microphones
  • Safety accessories
  • 2.5mm Jack connection

In the box

  • Motorola CLP446e
  • Discreet, durable and comfortable handset
  • Charger
  • Long-lasting Li-ion battery


User Guide - Motorola CLP446e (EN)
Data sheet - Motorola CLP446e (EN)

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Warranty1 year

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