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Cleyver HW10 Mono

DECT Wireless Headset with Charging Cradle

Manufacturer Ref.: HW 10 Product Ref.: ODHW10GGUK
Cleyver HW10Cleyver HW10Cleyver HW10

Key features

  • Wireless headset compatible with DECT phones
  • Scope: Up to 150 m outdoors and 30 m indoors
  • With advanced hearing protection with Safetone™
  • Volume and mute controls
  • Microphone with noise cancellation
  • Autonomy: Up to 6 hours of talk time (36 hours of standby)
  • Full charge: in less than 2 hours

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£47.99 ex. VAT
£57.59 incl. VAT

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Product information

Wireless headset specially designed for office use

The Cleyver HW10 is a wireless headset specially designed for office use. This DECT-GAP model is compatible with most of the DECT-GAP cordless telephones of the market, of any brand.

Wireless DECT Technology

The Cleyver HW10 is the ideal solution for professionals who need a totally wireless terminal. With this model you will have total freedom of movement to work while talking on your dect phone. The DECT technology ensures a perfect sound quality and its autonomy allows you to work the entire working day. The Cleyver HW10 handset works as an additional terminal, allows you to receive calls but not to make them, since it does not have a keyboard.

Comfortable and Elegant Design

The HW headset is a wireless headset with a discreet and elegant design. Ideal for any type of office. The Cleyver HW10 GAP has a very simple operation. It is registered in the DECT base of your dect phones becoming an additional extension (with GAP DECT phones), it has an additional terminal over the base of the phone. Very comfortable to wear thanks to its headband. It is also easy to use and counts volume and mute controls on the headset, as well as a microphone with noise cancellation, and an LED light that indicates the status of the call and the pairing.

Long Range Connectivity

It has a very wide range , 150 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors (in ideal conditions, without walls, obstacles). Its autonomy allows conversations to continue for up to 6 hours in a row.

Quick Charging

The battery charging time is very short , in only 20 minutes it is charged at 20%, in 45 minutes at 50% and for a full charge it needs less than 2 hours. In addition, the headset battery maintains the charge for 6 months in the off state, before recharging is required. 

Easy installation

Installs in less than 3 minutes as an additional terminal of your DECT cordless phone. You must follow the instructions on your DECT phone step by step. It is compatible with the majority of DECT GAP cordless telephones on the market: Gigaset, Siemens, Alcatel, Thomson, Panasonic, DORA MATRA, Philips, Motorola.

Answering a call is very easy

Answering a call is very easy. Press the "Pick up" button on the handset when you receive a call. To end the call press the same button.

Call or transfer a call from the phone to the handset:

First choose the number you want to call in your phone book or dial the number on your phone. When you are already in communication, transfer the call to your headset. It is a small operation that is very easy to do and that allows you to have both hands free.

* Note:  With Siemens Dect phones you can retrieve the call on your phone in order to transfer it to another extension or phone. 
It is necessary to activate the "intrusion" function in the menu of your phone.


  • Call control:  multi-function button support for answering calls, final calls, coupling operations also answering and ending calls.
  • Volume control and microphone silence : button controls the headset.
  • Visual Indicator: the LED indicates the status of the call, the pairing status and other events.
  • Audio Indicators : the tones indicate incoming calls, low battery, volume level, microphone mute and other events.
  • Sound quality : DSP noise reduction; echo cancellation; tone control; broadband and narrowband audio.
  • DECT range : up to 120 meters from the base of the headset to the headset
  • Headband type with long arm anti-noise microphone 
  • Battery autonomy: up to 6 hours in operation and 36 hours in idle mode.
  • It recharges: while it is located in the BASE charger
  • Wireless standard: (CAT - IQ) European DECT and US DECT.
  • Speaker (s): Broadband speaker.
  • Dimensions: 80 mm x 80 mm x 75 mm
  • Operating environment: -0˚C to + 40˚C; Up to 95% Rh without condensation.
  • It comes with: Charging station: with its 5V power supply, 500mA, headset with microphone, headset battery
  • Battery : Ion-lithium polymer, 300ma / h, typical, 1000 charge cycles.
  • Charge time of the battery: 20% charge in less than 20 minutes.
  • 50% charge in less than 45 minutes.
  • Full load in less than 2 hours.
  • Battery life: the headset battery maintains the charge for 6 months in the off state, before recharging is required.
  • Operating environment: 0˚C to + 40˚C; Up to 95% Rh without condensation.
Headset type Wireless DECT / GAP for cordless phones
Compatibility For Wireless DECT phones
Corded or cordless Wireless
Range 150m outside, 30m inside
Mono/duo Mono headsets
Wearing style Headband
Ear cushions With leatherette Ear cushions
Microphone Boom With long microphone boom
Noise Cancelling With noise cancelling
Standby time / Talk time Standby 36 hours, Talk time 6 hours
Mute With mute key
Volume control On headset volume control
Conference function Without conference function
Recharge time Less than 2 hours
MAC compatible Not compatible with MAC
Optimized Lync Not optimized for Lync
Softphone compatible Not compatible with softphones
Acoustic protection Yes
Weight 59g
In the box
  • DECT headset - GAP headband with noise-cancelling microphone
  • Charging base with Power supply.
Cleyver HW10 - User Guide (7.32 MB)

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