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Dictaphone Accessories

(26 Products)

Accessories for Voice Recorders

We offer a wide range of accessories for voice recorders, including microphones, transcription kits and earphones, meaning you can tailor your voice recording setup to suit your personal needs.

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Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pickup Microphone

For recording phone conversations
  • Records phone calls
  • Suitable for mobile phones and landlines
  • Plugs into the microphone jack of your Olympus voice recorder
  • Earpiece tips in three different sizes

£16.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLTP8

Sennheiser Dictaphone Interface Cable

Cable for connecting your Sennheiser headset to your dictaphone
  • Connection cable for voice recorder/dictaphone
  • 3.5 jack connection
  • Compatible with the UI 760 amplifier

£21.99ex. VAT


Olympus ME52W Microphone

Noise cancelling tie-clip microphone
  • Noise cancelling
  • Simple Plug-in connection, for all Olympus ranges
  • Unidirectional and high sensitivity
  • Comes with tie clip, extension cable and windscreen

£17.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLME52W

Philips LFH9172 Conference Microphone

Conference microphone with innovative boundary layer design
  • Boundary layer microphone design
  • Plug & Play: quick and easy installation
  • 360º sound pick up for optimal recording
  • Extendable recording range by connecting up to 6 conference microphones

£139.99ex. VAT

Ref: PH9172

Olympus ME34 Compact Zoom Microphone

Compact unidirectional zoom microphone
  • Ideal for use at meetings or small conferences
  • Designed for use on the go
  • Unidirectional zoom microphone
  • Limits nearby background noise

£44.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLME34

Philips LFH-7177 Transcription Kit

Transcription easy and intuitive
  • Digital transcription system
  • Work quickly and comfortably
  • Displays all relevent information
  • Compatible with recorders Philips 9400/6450/9360/9220/7260/7274

£159.99ex. VAT

Ref: PH7177

Olympus ME51S Stereo Microphone

High quality, unidirectional stereo microphone
  • High quality stereo recordings
  • "T" shape microphone. 
  • Sensitivity of -40dB at 1kHz
  • 3.5mm plug for your microphone socket

£47.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLME51S

Philips LFH9162 Telephone Pickup Microphone

Easy recording of telephone conversations with the Philips LFH9162 Pickup Microphone
  • Suitable for all telephones
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Super sensitive microphone
  • Easy handling with retractable cable

£21.99ex. VAT

Ref: PH9162

Philips LFH9173 Tie-clip Microphone

Microphone for Digital Pocket Memos and Digital Voice Tracers
  • Electric condenser microphone for superb recording quality
  • Built-in clip
  • Omni-directional microphone features a 360 degree sound pick up
  • Wind shield improves sound potential by prevening noise

£19.99ex. VAT

Ref: PH9173

Philips LFH9171 Microphone

Plug-in microphone turns your mobile voice recorder into an interviewing microphone
  • Condenser microphone for superb voice quality
  • Uni-directional design picks up speaker's voice only
  • Wind shield reduces unwanted noise
  • Durable materials for extended use

£29.99ex. VAT

Ref: PH9171

Olympus A514 USB Charger / AC Adapter

Charge with using a PC
  • 4 connectors: UK, Europe, Japan/USA and Australia
  • Compatible with USB cable

£24.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLA514

Olympus E20 Earphones

Listen back to all your recordings with total privacy!
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Compatible with all Olympus voice recorders
  • Inserts into 3.5mm audio jack 
  • Frequency: 300 - 5000Hz

£9.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLME20

Olympus RS30W Remote Control

Intrared remote control, operable from a distance
  • Infrared remote control
  • 2 buttons: REC / STOP
  • Compatible with Olympus DM and LS ranges

£59.99ex. VAT


Olympus KA333 Connector Cable

Connector cable to add dubbing to your recordings, ideal for musicians
  • For dubbing to other audio devices
  • To attach your recorder to your car hifi system via AUX
  • Compatible with all the olympus ranges
  • Ear jack to MIC jack connection

£17.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLKA333

Soft Carry Case for VN and WS Voice Recorders

Soft black carry case for Olympus VN and WS voice recorders
  • Soft black lined case
  • Lightweight design
  • Protects your Olympus VN and WS voice recorders from knocks and scratches

£14.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLCS131

Olympus ME30W Conference Kit

Full kit for recording conferences and meetings
  • Easy to install on any conference table. Omni-directional microphones for excellent quality recordings
  • Stereo sound 

£239.99ex. VAT


Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit

Professional foot-controlled transcription kit
  • Easy transcription
  • DSS, DSSPro, WAV, WMA and MP3 file management
  • DSS file management using separate folders
  • Job status info, such as finished, pending, cancelled

£134.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLAS2400

Olympus ME15 Tie-Clip Microphone

Hands free recording with this tie-clip microphone
  • Compact tie-clip microphone
  • Omnidirectional and high sensitivity
  • Frequency response from 100 a 12000HZ
  • Compatible with recorders with 3.5mm jack

£20.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLME15

Olympus ME12 Noise Cancellation Microphone

Noise cancelling microphone, perfect for high noise environments
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • 3.5mm jack connection
  • -68 dB sensitivity and frequency response 200-5000 Hz
  • For recorders that use the DSS file format

£17.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLME12

Olympus ME33 Boundary Microphone

Purpose-built for capturing conferences
  • Omni-directional
  • For capturing conferences
  • Expandable to 6 units for stereo sound recording
  • 3.5mm jack

£94.99ex. VAT

Ref: OLM33

Soundtech 3.5mm Mono Jack Goose-Neck Microphone

Professional 18 inch gooseneck uni-directional microphone with a 3.5mm mono plug.
  • 3.5mm mono plug
  • Sturdy base
  • Phantom-powered
  • Unidirectional microphone

£57.99ex. VAT

Ref: SOTGN-1

Soundtech USB Goose-Neck Microphone

A USB connectable uni-directional microphone. Ideal for a variety of purposes.
  • 18-inch gooseneck
  • Sturdy base
  • Phantom-powered
  • On/off indicator light

£70.99ex. VAT


Soundtech Conference USB Microphone

Conference microphone designed to work with any digital recorder with USB functionality
  • USB connectivity
  • Omndirectional microphone
  • Cord 10ft in length
  • Daisy chainable

£84.99ex. VAT


Soundtech Conference Microphone with 3.5mm Plug

Conference microphone designed to work with any digital recorder with a standard 3.5mm microphone plug
  • 3.5mm plug
  • Omndirectional microphone
  • Cord 8ft in length
  • Daisy chainable

£47.99ex. VAT

Ref: SOTCM1000
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