RØDE Vlogger Kit Universal

Internal ref: ROVLOGGERUNI // Manufacturer part #: R100335

Complete and practical kit to capture your adventures - ideal for vlogging

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2 years of manufacturer warranty Subject to manufacturer conditions
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Key features

  • Complete Vlogging Kit for Smartphone
  • Compact and lightweight design - easy to transport
  • Optimal clarity: mini LED projector with powerful lighting 
  • Custom visual effects: 8 color filters
  • Included cardioid microphone - picks up front and sides voices
  • HD audio quality: windshield to reduce noise
  • Plug&Play technology 
  • Flexible: compatible with all smartphone models
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In the box

  • 1 x Video Mic 
  • 1 x Rycote Lyre Suspension Mount
  • 1 x SmartGrip
  • 1 x WS9 Windshield
  • 1 x Tripod 
  • 1 x Dual Shoe Mount (DCS-1)
  • 1 x MicroLED On-camera Light
  • 1 x Clip-on Diffuser
  • 8 x Color Filters
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x SC7 Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

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Complete and practical kit to capture your adventures - ideal for vlogging

With the RØDE Vlogger Kit Universal for Smartphones you will have what you are looking for. It consists of a microphone, a tripod, an LED mini projector, multiple mounting brackets and all the necessary accessories to make recordings on the go. This practical pack includes a versatile tripod, which can be used on a table, or in the hand thanks to its comfortable grip, an ideal option to transport it. Whether you are a company that wants to digitize your communication or a freelancer who wants to share your adventures, you can benefit from an all-in-one communication solution.

Lightweight and compact design 

It is easy to transport thanks to its compact and, above all, lightweight design. It is also easy to set up, thanks to the Plug&Play system that is compatible with all smartphone models that have a TRRS socket and a connection port that allows the microphone to be connected to the smartphone.

Quality recordings

It has state-of-the-art AV components, so you can enjoy the best quality when recording all kinds of content. Always look your best with the available Mini LED projector, which delivers a clear image with an impressive lumen rating of 60 to 300 depending on the type of lighting required. Personalize your content with the 8 available colour filters, with which you can create visual effects to match the theme of your recording and that are interchangeable according to your preferences.

Capture the essential voices 

When it comes to audio, this kit sets the bar very high thanks to the cardioid pressure-gradient microphone, which only picks up vocals from the front and sides for clarity. To ensure accurate and natural sound reproduction in all circumstances, a leather windscreen has been integrated into this pack that effectively reduces noise that could interfere with your speech (wind, engine noise, keyboard noise, etc.).


  • Pressure gradient microphone
  • Cardioid microphone: picks up front and side voices (rejects rear)
  • Optimal clarity: furry hood reduces noise pollution (wind, engine noise, etc.)
  • Microphone frequency response: 100Hz - 20kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio: 75 dBA
  • Maximum SPL: 140 dB SPL
  • Microphone sensitivity: -33 dB +/- 2 dB
  • Built-in mini LED projector - brighter
  • Lumens: 60 in low light; 160 with medium-light; 230 with high beam and 300 with maximum beam
  • Custom visual effects: provision of 8 color filters
  • Complete Vlogging kit for smartphones
  • Compatible with all smartphones with TRRS socket
  • Lightweight and compact design - Easy to transport
  • Mini LED Projector Battery Life (in minutes): 255 in low light; 105 in medium light; 75 in high beam and 52 in maximum beam
  • Maximum weight supported by the tripod: 2 kilos
  • Connectivity: USB-C (mini LED projector charging) + TRRS connector (connection with smartphone)
  • Quick and easy to set up: Plug & Play
  • Microphone Dimensions and Weight: 80 x 68 x 21mm / 42g
  • Smartphone holder dimensions and weight: 84.6 x 21 x 39.49mm / 89g
  • Tripod Dimensions and Weight: 205 x 72.2 x 186.1mm / 180g
  • Mini projector dimensions and weight: 37.1 x 38 x 38.8 mm / 58.7 g
  • Dual Shoe Mount Dimensions and Weight: 92.5 x 22mm / 42.7g
  • Color: Black / Red
  • 2-year extended hardware warranty
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More Information
Manufacturer part #R100335
Warranty2 years
Room SizeHuddle Room (2-3)
Connects toUSB


RODE Vlogger Kit Universal- Data Sheet (EN)
RODE Vlogger Kit Universal - User Guide (EN)

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