PTT over Cellular Radios (POC)

POC radios are the next quantum leap in communication technology, leveraging the extensive cellular data network from the 4 major mobile operators in the UK providing excellent coverage across the UK. Scalability across the EU, US and Africa are also possible with the correct SIM and data plan.

iPTT Technology:

What's POC Technology?

  • POC radios lets you communicate securely worldwide using most 4G networks
  • The network is digital and protected; it cannot be scanned or eavesdropped
  • Our PC dispatcher software gives you the capability to record calls, make dynamic talk groups, stun / un-stun terminals and locate users via GPS
  • Historic GPS data can be replayed on a map to see previous routes the user has taken
  • Devices available include display, non-display and fixed mobile
  • iPTT devices are not locked so you can use any sim you wish
  • A full range of audio and carrying accessories

Why consider iPTT?

  • Predictable costs, you are able to buy a terminal and pay the annual fee for unlimited use
  • No maintenance costs
  • You can choose to leave iPTT anytime (no massive contracts to sign up to)
  • Wide range of devices to suit your needs
Why consider them?
iPTT Push-to-Talk over Cellular RADIOS

iPTT M400 4G LTE

iPTT´s M400 packs a punch in a very small package, at only 150g and dimensions of 10cm x 4.4cm x 3.8cm it is small enough to fit in your hand and anywhere in your vehicle or office. 

With support for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE Networks you will connect seamlessly to any supported network across Europe and Africa giving you crystal clear radio communication and minimal latency.



The IPTT P 400 4G LTE PoE Radio is a rugged portable radio, which uses cellular phone data networks to provide VoIP two-way communications over a wide area. It comes with all the important features that you need for trustworthy communications. Enjoy high-quality communications without compromising good affordability. 

iPTT P500 4G LTE

iPTT P500 4G LTE

The P500 4G LTE PoC Radio is a brand new handheld radio from iPTT. The device has been designed with the needs of users from verticals such as construction, maintenance, security, hospitality, traffic management and events industries

User License

iPTT User License

Every device on the iPTT network needs a user license. This also gives you all the features like GPS and call recording. The license can be transferred from device to device, but two devices can’t use the same license at the same time. Dispatcher clients also need a license to be able to access the software.


iPTT Multi Network Sim

The IPTT Anual UK Multi Network Roaming Sim automatically changes between three : O2, EE and Vodafone, giving you the maximum coverage possible over all 4 mobile networks. With such an unique creative system like iPTT we believe that the iPTT multi-network SIM gives you the best combination of value and performance if you’re using the two way radios in numerous locations across the UK. We also offer both EU and USA SIM cards. Our SIM cards come with enough data to use for a full year (fair usage policy applies) so no monthly costs.


iPTT Dispatcher

The IPTT dispatcher gives you the oppurtunity to track your handheld and mobile devices nationally and internationally. With the IPTT dispatch screen you will be able to track devices in real time, to pinpoint where the exact location of the device is. This dispatch package also gives you historical data showing the speed as well as the route taken ensuring you are working at optimum efficiency.


Industries using iPTT?
Some construction workers find it difficult to connect to another worker due to amount of floors and interference in their site, this then requires them to invest in a repeater to strengthen the range ability of the walkie talkie. However, with the iPTT system you would have no problem with range and would have no need to invest more in a repeater. Security is very important for the safety of others, if you work in a security firm where you have contracts for concerts or festivals, staff are never more than 1KM apart so traditional two way radios will work fine. However, if you work with marathons and bigger events it is crucial staff members are always connected, for this you will have to heavily invest in repeaters. iPTT radios will solve this problem for you allowing you communicate locally, nationally or internationally.

Not convinced?
If you’re still not sure about the iPTT products give us a call we can we can answer any questions you may have and then set up a 7 day free trial so you have the chance to explore the iPTT system.

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