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Mount for Logitech Rally Mic Pro

microphone base mount for Logitech Rally Mic Pro

Key features
  • Microphone interface adapter
  • For mounting on any table shape
  • Hidden wiring 
EAN: 97855143143Manufacturer part #: 939-001647
Internal ref: LORALLYMONT

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£281.99 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Keeping your workspace clean

The mount for Logitech Rally Mic Pro eliminates any loose wires on tabletops and adds flexibility to your meetings. With three connections for a variety of microphones, the Rally microphone base hub organises the wiring so that microphones can be placed within reach of the meeting attendees.

With this mount, cables are connected through hubs under the table. This keeps the audio wiring out of sight and gives a professional look.

The Rally microphone base hub allows each base to be connected by a single cable. If participants want to move a base to clear the table or close the mute control, they can do so without affecting the nearby bases. Unlike systems that require fixed microphone positions, Rally automatically recalibrates the RightSound ™ microphone array 125 times per second to achieve consistent echo cancellation, noise suppression and beam shaping.

In the box

  • Microphone base adapter
  • Accessories for assembly
  • Documentation 

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