Logitech Zone Learn -OVER EAR- USB-C

Internal ref: LOZOLEOVC // Manufacturer part #: 981-001383

The ideal headset for your children, the Logitech Zone Learn headset for guaranteed comfort!

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2 years of manufacturer warranty Subject to manufacturer conditions
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Key features

  • New Logitech wired headset designed for learning and designed for schools.
  • With a comfortable, micro-adjustable fit.
  • Sound designed for educational applications.
  • Fully interchangeable and upgradeable design.
  • Zone Learn is designed for sustained concentration and long-term use.
  • Plug-and-play features include 3.5mm USB-C cable options, so it works on most devices, operating systems and conferencing platforms.
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In the box

  • Headphones
  • Reusable educational packaging designed for quick unpacking and scanning of products without having to remove each item Scannable serial number and support link on product
  • USB-C cable

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Logitech Zone Learn OVER EAR - USB-C

A headset designed specifically for kids

With soft, comfortable earpieces that kids love, Zone Learn is designed for the deep, sustained learning students need to succeed in school. It's specially designed for smaller head sizes to meet the needs of young learners. And, it is also durable enough to withstand the activities of a typical school day.

Lasting comfort and support

Zone Learn offers a comfortable fit and unique listening experience for uninterrupted, sustained learning for learners of all ages. It features a choice of padded leatherette ear cushions (interchangeable ear cups, over-the-ear or on-the-ear ear cups); an ultra-soft comfort layer, even weight distribution and micro-articulated ear cups that move in all directions to help students achieve their learning goals.

  • For learners aged 8 to 10, high ambient noise resulted in 'significantly worse' standardised test scores. Pupils in sound amplified classrooms scored on average 35% higher on dynamic indicators of early reading skills.

Optimal size for any student

Adjustable sliding arms allow for an optimal fit, especially for smaller sizes. The headset remains in an optimal position so that students can concentrate on learning. The curvature and size of the band is designed for smaller heads, while the size of the ear cushions fits smaller ears. The angled alignment conforms to the shape of the ear for optimal comfort.

A sound fit for learning

Zone Learn has audio drivers tuned for voice clarity rather than music, so it is optimal for digital learning applications, such as reading, testing, ESL / ELL and other language learning applications. The rigid stemmed microphone is designed for better grip and voice clarity, with a pad and noise suppression filter.

Students aged 6-12 years need the sound to be 300% louder than the background noise. Poor audio quality has a direct negative impact on student engagement and performance.

Suitable for everyday use in school

Zone Learn has been designed to be durable and comfortable, adjustable and provide a quality audio experience. It has a flexible microphone and accurate cable length for extended classroom use. We've extensively tested the cables against all the typical classroom use and wear and tear to ensure they are resistant to twisting and even biting. Zone Learn has also been tested to withstand frequent and repeated cleaning without wearing out.

  • It has been designed to survive the rigors of a typical school day, regardless of where learning takes place.
  • Tested to military standards and to drops of up to 4 feet Tested to withstand 3 years of daily cleaning

Compatible with its learning applications

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Kami is an all-in-one learning platform designed to support every learner with tools and features such as read-aloud, voice input and video feedback.


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Epic is a leading digital reading platform, built on a collection of more than 40,000 high-quality popular books from over 250 of the world's best publishers, that safely nurtures the reading curiosity and confidence of children 12 and under.

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Duolingo ABC is a free app designed to help children aged 3 to 8 learn to read! Developed by learning experts, Duolingo ABC features over 700 fun lessons that teach the alphabet, phonics, sight words, reading comprehension and more.

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More Information
Manufacturer part #981-001383
Warranty2 years
Acoustic protectionMIL-STD-810G
Cable length3.5mm
Weight211 g
Headset typeCorded
CompatibilityFor PC, For Mobiles
Corded or cordlessCorded
ConnectivityFor USB-C
Mono/duoDuo headsets
Wearing styleHeadband
Ear cushionsWith leatherette Ear cushions
Microphone BoomWith foldable microphone boom
Noise CancellingWith noise cancelling
MuteWith mute key

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