Jabra Panacast

Engineered to be the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution.

Jabra PanaCast
Jabra PanaCast
Jabra PanaCast

From the leaders in audio solutions comes PanaCast - the worlds "first intelligent video solution”. Jabra PanaCast comes with a host of new and exciting features, from 180º panoramic vision to 4K plug-and-play. This new system promises better conferencing experiences for every business. Jabra´s goal has always centered around products that enhance productivity in the workplace.

Why choose Jabra Panacast ?

Inclusive Meetings

Natural 180° view

Enhance your huddle room with Panoramic 4K video. The Jabra PanaCast uses three 13-megapixel cameras and patented real-time video stitching to give a full 180° view of the room. Enjoy a natural, human perspective, with no blind spots.

Intelligent video technology


Intuitive camera technology detects individual meeting participants and optimizes the field of view to include everyone in the conversation, while automatically optimizing video quality.

Enhanced productivity


Plug-and-play technology lets you collaborate with others quickly and easily, bringing hassle-free video and audio to your huddle room

Versatile compatibility


Compatible with all leading video and audio-conferencing solutions. Certified for use with Microsoft Teams and compatible with Zoom, Webex and many more.

Compatible with

Intelligent, Easy, Versatile

  • Simple plug-and-play operation with no software required via a single USB cable
  • 180-degree panoramic view seamlessly integrates video from three cameras with real-time dynamic stitching embedded in the onboard Jabra PanaCast Vision Processor
  • Naturally inclusive and immersive experience gives everyone equal participation
  • Crystal clear sound that picks up every voice in the room w. Jabra Speak series
  • 0% wasted space with industry-first multi-camera array system
  • Intelligent Vision (AI) products sense, anticipate and adjust automatically so people can focus on their meeting and discussion
  • Industry-first Intelligent Zoom autonomously and continuously optimizes the field of view to include everyone in the conversation
  • Jabra PanaCast Vivid 2.0 automatically adjusts the video properties to optimize the video experience under varying light conditions


3D view of Jabra Panacast