Gigaset R700H PRO

Internal ref: SIR700HPROUK // Manufacturer part #: S30852-H2976-L102

The R700H PRO is a robust, IP65 rated Gigaset professional handset. Designed to protect against impacts, water and dust as well as being resistant to disinfectants,

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Key features

  • Large 2.4" TFT colour display
  • Non-slip rubberised casing
  • Disinfectant resistant and scratch proof casing
  • Dust and water resistant according to IP65
  • Shock resistant
  • Vibration and flashing alerts
  • Handy LED pocket torch
  • Up to 13 hours talk time
  • Up to 320 hours standby time
  • Programable alarm/function button
  • Up to 50 metres indoors
  • Up to 300 metres Outdoors
  • Handsfree talking with HD sound quality
  • Compatible with N670IP, N510IP, N870IP and N720IP DECT systems
  • Phonebook for up to 500 entries 
  • Headset connection via 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth 4.2

In the box

  • R700 Handset
  • Battery cover
  • 2x AAA Batteries
  • Belt clip
  • Charging Cradle
  • UK Power adapter for charger
  • Security leaflet

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Professional handset resistant to drops and disinfectants

The Gigaset R700H Pro is a robust and reliable cordless handset. This cordless handset is a versatile device that will accompany you effectively in your daily life, allowing you to make calls in high definition thanks to its powerful built-in components. Ready to accompany you in any professional environment, even the most extreme. It can be disinfected, its surface is rubberised to prevent falls, it has an LED pointer, memory keys and is designed to be scratch and drop-proof. This device, thanks to its colour display and connections, is the ally any professional needs.

The Gigaset R700H Pro is reliable, secure and durable for your daily calls. The R700H Pro's special scratch- and impact-resistant coating improves visibility. IP65 certification protects the phone against dust, shock and splashing water from all directions. Finally, the R700H is resistant to disinfectants, so you can disinfect your product at any time of the day to prevent bacteria build-up.

All-day battery life

Make your daily calls with confidence thanks to the Gigaset R700H pro's powerful built-in battery. With up to 13 hours talk time and 320 hours standby time, you can make all your daily calls without having to worry about the state of your phone's battery. The ECO-DECT technology reduces the power of the phone to save battery power, prolonging the life of the phone.

Handset for DECT installations

This product is an add-on solution that must be paired with a Gigaset base station or PBX to be used effectively, as it cannot be used independently. Operating via DECT technology, this Gigaset handset offers a considerable wireless range for making calls, ranging from 50 to 300 metres* (depending on the environment in which it is used).

Protect your data

The Gigaset R700H Pro's wide range of technical features will perfectly meet your expectations. First and foremost, as a professional, you have sensitive and confidential data that you want to protect from being used by others. To effectively protect your data, Gigaset has implemented Hotel mode on this R700H Pro handset, an option that disables voicemail, reduces the handset's functionalities so that only the most important ones can be used and, above all, offers the possibility of permanently deleting previously selected call lists and sensitive data of all kinds.

Excellent display and menu visibility

The Gigaset R700H pro features a large 2.4" display on this phone, along with the phone's torch function, giving you superior clarity, so you can see the information on your phone even in dark places. It also allows you to easily manage your calls with an iconic menu and several function keys that act as shortcuts. On the audio side, this handset supports HDSP, so you can enjoy HD quality calls both through the handset and in handsfree mode.

Silent function and out-of-range alert

The silent mode and mute function allow you to easily adjust the audio settings, as you can filter out unwanted calls or mute the microphone when necessary. Finally, an audible warning signal alerts you to stay within the DECT coverage area, so you won't miss your calls because you're out of range.

Extensive phonebook

Easily store all your contacts in the Gigaset R700H Pro's extensive phonebook, which has 500 entries with up to 3 numbers per entry. Anonymous call blocking prevents unwanted calls, so you won't be constantly interrupted on a daily basis.

Vibrate mode

The vibrate mode ensures that you don't miss any important calls during your daily life, especially if you are in a noisy space. Finally, Gigaset completes the R700H Pro with a number of additional features that make it a versatile device. These additional functions include: calendar, email reading, news services etc.

Technical data

User interface

  • Backlit, graphical 2.4" QVGA color display, 240x320 pixels, up to 8 lines and 65,000 colors
  • Intuitive, modern user interface with icons, display keys, 5-way navi-key, function and side keys

Address book and dial

  • Address book for up to 500 entries (vCards) 
  • vCard entries: First and last name, 3 phone numbers, e-mail, birthday/anniversary, VIP melodies and caller display with picture (CLIP)
  • PBX phonebook with search function (XML and LDAP)
  • Public online phonebook with automatic

Name substitution

  • 3 separate call lists (missed/incoming/outgoing) with 20 entries with CLIP/CNIP and time/date 
  • Redial of the last 20 phone numbers
  • Speed dial keys (display keys, 9 number keys)
  • Mute, key lock, flash key
  • Automatic redial

Incoming calls

  • Caller display via CLIP, local image of the caller and CNIP
  • Individual ringing melodies for VIP entries
  • Anonymous calls off: Calls without CLIP numbers are only displayed visually
  • Vibrating alert

Missed calls

  • Signaling on the display and by flashing message key
  • List of up to 20 missed calls with call number transmission and call time 
  • Locally managed list of missed calls on GAP systems (single/multiple cell systems)
  • Direct dialing from the list of missed calls


  • HD Audio with HDSP™/CAT -IQ 2.01
  • Hands-free calling with perfect sound quality
  • Side button for easy volume control
  • 6 alarm tones and 32 ringtones / melodies
  • 5 volume levels 
  • Selectable audio profile (personal, DND, soft and loud)
  • Headset via Bluetooth® or 3.5 mm jack


  • Programmable alarm/function button
  • Illuminated and resistant to scratches and disinfectants
  • Message key with flashing LED
  • Separate R-key
  • Profile button for quick adjustment to the environment: loud / quiet / personal setting
  • Side key for easy volume control
  • Key lock (# key) with PIN protection
  • Mute key

Hotel option

  • Data e.g. call lists can be deleted time-controlled
  • Blocking of soft key programming
  • Voicemail function can be enabled/disabled the Bluetooth menu is disabled  
  • A reduced calendar function - no entries possible
  • Reset codes to:
    • Restore the default menu language  
    • Restore the default screen saver
  • Limited use of the Micro-USB port:
    • Data exchange  
    • Gigaset QuickSync software cannot be used
    • Emergency recovery can still be used
  • Charging function via USB still possible

Advanced functions

  • Organizer with calendar and reminder functions
  • Email reader
  • Infoservices 
  • Screensaver (picture, slide show, clock, info service) 
  • Charging even when switched off
  • Beeps for leaving and re-entering the DECT radio range
  • Ringing in the charging cradle can be deactivated, e.g. for parallel calls
  • Support for "Alarm, Messaging, Location
  • Easy configuration through auto-provisioning

Gigaset QuickSync-Software

Free downloadable software for Windows and OSX. Connection via Micro-USB or Bluetooth®.

  • Handset address book synchronization with Microsoft Outlook®.
  • Upload of CLIP images / screensaver images
  • Transfer sounds (ringing melodies) from computer to handset
  • Firmware update
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):
  • Direct dialing from Microsoft Outlook® contacts
  • Display of incoming calls on the computer for Windows and OSX


Optimized and recommended for:

Gigaset DECT IP single-cell systems:

  • Gigaset N670IP PRO
  • Gigaset N510IP PRO

Gigaset DECT IP multi-cell systems:

  • Gigaset N870IP PRO Multicell system
  • Gigaset N720IP PRO Multicell system
  • GAP and CAT-iq compatible DECT base stations (single and multi-cell systems from third-party manufacturers)


  • DECT
  • Bluetooth®:
    • Bluetooth Headset® (hands-free and headset profile)
    • Data exchange and firmware update with Gigaset QuickSync
    • Bluetooth beacon scanner, can also act as beacon (transmitter)
  • vCard exchange with cell phones
  • Micro-USB:
    • Charging function
    • Data exchange and firmware update with Gigaset QuickSync
    • 3.5 mm headset jack

DECT – Range

  • Inside the building: up to 50 meters
  • Outdoors: up to 300 meters

ECO DECT - Features

  • Up to 60% less power consumption due to energy-saving power supply unit
  • ECO mode - manual reduction of the transmitting power of the base station and all registered handsets
  • Variable reduction of transmission power depending on the distance between handset and base station (handset only)

Operating time

  • Talk time: up to 13 hours
  • Standby time: up to 320 hours

Environmental conditions

  • Protection class IP65
  • Operating temperature: +5 to +45° C
  • Storage temperature: -15 to +60° C
  • Relative humidity: 20%-75% non-condensing

Dimensions and weight

  • Handset: Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 159 x 54 x 25
  • Charging cradle: Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 75.5 x 74.2 x 44.2
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More Information
Manufacturer part #S30852-H2976-L102
Warranty2 years
RangeDECT : 50m indoor + 300m outdoor
Hands free speakerphoneWith hands free speakerphone
Type of displayColour display
Caller IDWith caller ID
BluetoothWith Bluetooth
Headset portWith 3.5mm jack
VibrateWith vibration
IP RatingIP65 rating
Remote BaseWith remote base
Battery type2 x NiMH AAA batteries

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