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EPOS - Adapt 660 MS

High-quality multi-platform Bluetooth Duo headset with ANC noise reduction for intensive use

Key features
  • High-quality wireless Duo headsets
  • With Bluetooth and USB-A connectivity
  • Compatible with computer, mobile and tablet
  • Active noise reduction "ActiveGuard"
  • Ultra-comfortable imitation leather ear cushions
  • Evolutionary artificial intelligence algorithm
  • Optimized for "Alexa" virtual assistant
  • UC certified and Microsoft Teams optimized
EAN: 5714708000013Manufacturer part #: 1000200
Internal ref: SEADP660

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Product description

High-quality multi-platform Bluetooth Duo headset, for intensive use and on the go

The EPOS Adapt 660 is the ideal headset for professionals who want an ultra-high-end product that meets their requirements: ANC (Active Noise Canceling) noise cancellation keeps you focused and boosts your productivity even in a noisy environment! The multi-point Bluetooth wireless connection allows you to easily and quickly switch from one device to another, depending on your tasks. You call with clear sound and display with a solution optimized for Microsoft Teams and for all Unified Communication software.

Comfortable and ergonomic design

The Adapt 660 headsets are of high quality, elegant and design, but above all comfortable: the ergonomic leatherette pads improve sound attenuation and provide comfort for long-term use. The ANC Hybrid design allows you to maintain a full awareness of your environment when needed. You also have a virtual assistant built into your headset with "Alexa"!

The headset is pleasant to wear for a long time with its feather weight of 227 grams, it is stable, well distributed over several contact points and comfortable. The carrying system with adjustable headband allows it to be adapted to the morphology of each user and the rotating system allows it to be worn according to your preference, with all the usual comfort.

The cushions of the EPOS Adapt 660 are made of artificial leather and have memory foam for optimal wearing comfort and prevent physical fatigue during use. They are easily interchangeable to extend equipment life and provide maximum sanitary quality.

Professional and dynamic sound quality

The ear cushions provide passive isolation against unwanted background noise for perfect listening quality. This way you can hear your caller clearly the first time. The volume can be adjusted directly on the headphones for greater ease of use. External noise management is automatic, and thanks to the dynamic ANC technology of the headset, you can choose to hear your surroundings or just isolate them with a single tap of the earmuff.

The EPOS Adapt 660 guarantees you a perfect audio experience because of the three-voice pick-up microphones integrated into the headset, without the need for a microphone rod. You are assured of a natural and clear presentation of your words to your conversation partner.

These microphones are equipped with a noise cancellation system for use in the noisiest environments. The headset also has an advanced machine learning algorithm that will better and better recognize your voice as you use it, until you achieve the perfect sound.

Essential and versatile functions

With automatic volume control, ambient sound detection and ANC microphones, you can fully focus on your conversation partner without the risk of being interrupted, whether you are working from an office, an open space, on the road or from your home.

You only need one touch to put your microphone in Mute mode and another to unlock it, answer a call or adjust your audio profile.

Compatible with all softphones

Thanks to the UC function, it can be easily used with all softphones on the market, with a plug & play installation for Microsoft Teams. With EPOS you also have acoustic protection against ActiveGuard noise peaks.

With Voice assistant

You also have a voice assistant built into your headset, optimized for "Alexa". Simplified management in one word.

Thanks to its multi-connectivity, you can use it with a wide range of supports, via the multipoint Bluetooth connectivity (up to 8 registered devices and 2 when used simultaneously), the USB dongle or the wired audio cable. The EPOS Adapt 660 headset integrates into all your environments!


  • Duo UC wireless headphones
  • Optimized for Microsoft teams
  • Mute function on earmuff
  • ActiveGuard sound protection
  • Charging time: 2h30
  • Standby time: 62 days
  • Type of support: headband
  • ANC technology
  • Connections: USB-A dongle
  • Charging cable: USB-A
  • Audio cable: Jack 2.5mm / 3.5mm
  • Weight: 238 grams

In the box

  • 1 x headset EPOS Adapt 660 MS
  • 1 x USB-A charging cable
  • 1 x USB-A dongle
  • 1 x Jack 2.5 and 3.5 mm audio cable
  • 1 x airplane adapter
  • 1 x carrying bag
  • 1 x user manual


EPOS - Adapt 660 MS - Quick Guide (EN)
EPOS - Adapt 660 MS - Data sheet (EN)

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Warranty2 years

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