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Audio and Videoconferencing Equipment - MiPro

(9 Products)
MiPro MA303SB Wireless Tour Guide System
MiPro MA303SB Wireless PA System
Single channel, portable, wireless PA system - for medium to small audiences
  • Portable wirless PA system with 60W amplifier
  • Wireless reciever with 16 channels - auto Scan and Act function
  • Bluetooth streaming, recorder and USB music player
  • Built-in alarm system
  • Efficient class D amplifier and AC lithium battery for extended battery life
  • LCD display screen
  • Built-in antenna
£468.99 ex. VAT

MiPro MB30 Rechargeable Battery
MiPro MB30 Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable battery for any product in the MiPro MA101 series
  • 12V
  • 4 hours charge time
  • For use with MiPro MA101 series models
£31.99 ex. VAT

MiPro MB10 Rechargeable Lithium Battery 2
MiPro MB10 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Rechargeable lithium battery for MiPro MA100 and MA300 models
  • Rechargable lithium battery
  • Use with any MA100 or MA300 systems
£79.99 ex. VAT

MiPro ACT-32T Compact Transmitter
MiPro ACT-32T Compact Transmitter
Pocket sized 16 channel transmitter with external antenna - for synchronization with MiPro systems
  • Mute switch, mini XLR connector and external antenna
  • One-touch ACT sync with receiver frequency - scan up to 16 frequencies
  • Backlit LCD display and selectable impedance for microphone or guitar/line inputs
  • Pocket sized and rugged with enhanced frequency stability and reliability
  • Connector for optional MJ-70 remote mute switch
£129.99 ex. VAT

MiPro ACT-32H Wireless Microphone
MiPro ACT-32H Wireless Microphone
Ergonomic, wireless, HF microphone from MiPro
  • Layered steel microphone
  • Interchangable coloured rings for channel identification
  • LCD display screen
  • Compatible with the MiPro MA303SB/ DB PA systems
£119.99 ex. VAT

MiPro MU-53HN Lightweight Headworn Microphone 2
MiPro MU-53HN Lightweight Headworn Microphone
Flexible and discreet microphone that is worn around the ears - ideal for public speaking and conferencing
  • Flexible, bendable and durable frame that fits around the ears
  • Hands-free microphone with smooth natural sound - suitable for public speaking
  • Lightweight and discreet with a high dynamic range
  • Withstands maximum SPL (sound pressure level) without distortion
  • Comes with a Mipro mini XLR plug as standard
£53.99 ex. VAT

MiPro ACT-32T Transmitter  and MU-53HN Microphone
MiPro ACT-32T Transmitter and MU-53HN Microphone
MiPro pocket size transmitter and lightweight hands-free microphone pack - connects remotely to PA systems
  • MiPro transmitter and microphone bundle for wireless hands-free conferencing/public speaking
  • 16 channel transmitter with One-touch automatic sync
  • Flexible head worn omnidirectional microphone - ideal for public speaking
  • Both products connect to one another via a MiPro mini XLR cable that comes with the microphone as standard
£178.99 ex. VAT

MiPro SC30 Carry Case
MiPro SC30 Carry Case
Soft carry case for products in the MiPro MA303 series
  • Soft case with pockets
  • For MA303 series models
£29.99 ex. VAT

MiPro Carry Bag SC10
MiPro Carry Bag SC10
Carry case for the: MA-100s/ MA-100d/ MA-101a/ MA-101A and MA-101c wireless PA systems
  • Soft carry bag
  • Pouches for accessories
  • For PA systems in the MiPro MA100 series
£27.99 ex. VAT

Ref: MIPMA101H


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