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ALCATEL Advanced Reflexes 4035

The professional: refurbished phone with 2 line screen and navigator

Key features
  • Simultaneous line management
  • Hands-free function
  • Integrated alphanumeric keyboard
  • Agenda: 30 to 45 contacts
  • Refurbished product
EAN: 3326744709762Manufacturer part #: 4035
Internal ref: ALRADR

In stock.
Subject to manufacturer conditions
1 year standard warranty
£46.79 Incl. VAT
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Product description

ALCATEL digital terminals: REFLEXES RANGE

Factory reconditioned models: The Alcatel Advanced Reflexes 4035 range are exclusive terminals of Alcatel 4000/4400 control units. They are exclusively destined to replace other terminals of the same range or to extend their fleet of terminals Reflexes. Otherwise, they need your PABX configured by an Alcatel installer.

The DECT M100 and 200 models only work with the Alcatel Office 4.0 and Omnipcx 4400. The Reflexes 100 or 200 mobiles need an installation with DECT systems. Check with your Alcatel installer.

Alcatel Reflexes Advanced

With a comfortable and modern design, the Advance terminal has been designed for people who work both individually and as a group. Its use will be very pleasant thanks, among other facilities, to its large screen and its hands-free function. If you belong to a work group (after-sales service, commercial department or boss secretary mode), the facilities such as the management of several simultaneous lines and the filtering of calls, make the Advance terminal ideal for group work.

Comfortable and Hands-free

The design of the terminal and its materials convey a feeling of softness and comfort. The speaker and microphone allow several people to participate in the conversation. You can change the microphone by hands-free.

Direct Access and Visual Control

Mark by name and type the first letters of the person's name. Your phone will locate and dial you. Identify who calls you before answering. Control the cost and duration of calls in real time.

User-friendly and efficient

A simple access key for the most frequent functions (Call transfer, message listening, etc.). You can manage several lines simultaneously. The guided programming step by step. Navigate among the various functions displayed on the screen using the navigation key. Call from your PC connecting to your PC. You can use the functions of your phone (transfer, etc ...) from your computer. Collective and personal. type the first letters of your correspondent, your phone find the number in the phonebook and launch the call. Integrated alphanumeric keyboard


  • · Width: 285 mm
  • · Depth: 196.5 mm
  • · Height: 79.5 mm
  • · Weight: 980 g
  • · Wall mounting kit


  • 24 Programmable keys
  • Easy to program
  • Screen with 2 x 40 characters
  • Multiline
  • Hands-free: Phone and work at the same time
  • Call by name
  • Soft keyboard and browser
  • Easy phone control
  • Earphone jack

Product Specs.

More Information
Warranty1 year
Connecting linePABX dedicated connection
Number of lines1
Number of simultaneous calls0
Key featuresWith 3-way conference, With call log
Function keysWith call key , With hands free kit, With mute key
Phonebook featuresPersonal address book - General directory
Expansion moduleCompatible with 1 module
Optimized for Microsoft LyncNot optimized for Microsoft Lync
Volume controlHandset volume control , Ringtone volume control , Speakerphone volume control
Hearing aid compatibleNot compatible with hearing aid
Hands freeWith hands free kit
Headset portWith headset port
Sound qualityStandard sound
Line poweredSelf-powered
Power sourceLine powered
DisplayWith display
Type of displayBlack and white display, LCD display
Display size2 lines - 40 characters
KeypadAlphanumerical keypad
ColourCharcoal grey
Call indicator LEDWithout LED call indicator
ConnectivityRJ11 connection , RJ9 connection
Wall mountingWith wall mounting
Compatibility electronic hook switchNot compatibile with electronic hook switch (EHS)

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