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Pack Motorola TLKR T82 Extreme Quad + 4 HP microphones

Pack of 4 T82 Extreme talkies (with accessories) and 4 HP microphones

Key features
  • PMR446: enjoy free and unlimited communications
  • Robust design: durable shell to falls
  • Certified IPx4: resistance to splashing water
  • Up to 10 km of range and 18 hours of autonomy
  • iVox: Triggering of communication by voice and emergency call button
  • 16 channels and 121 sub-channels
EAN: 5031753007171Manufacturer part #: XX
Internal ref: MOT82EXQUADJD500UK

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Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme Quad   + £94.05
JD500 MT HP Microphone for Motorola 1-pin Radios   + £23.99

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    Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme Quad

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    Product description

    Motorola T82 Extreme Quad

    The thought walkie talkie for heavy use

    The alliance of robustness and free communications

    The Motorola T82 Extreme Quad Pack talkies are a benchmark in the market; professional license-free radios (PMR446). Offering completely free, unlimited and subscription-free communications, the T82 Extreme has an autonomy of 18h and allows to communicate with all devices without a license and a maximum distance of 10 km!

    This talkie walkie presents both a pleasant aesthetic and great robustness: it is certified; IPX4 (learn more about the IP index) and is resistant to shocks, splashing water and bad weather thanks to its ultra-resistant shell. It can therefore be used. both indoors and outdoors in particularly humid areas. In addition, the Motorola T82 Extreme Quad Pack walkie talkies are equipped with a LED torchlight, very practical for working professionals. at night or for leisure activities (hiking, hunting ...).

    With the Vox function, the T82 Extreme walkie talkie is triggering at the sound of your voice. You can thus contact anyone at any time, even if your hands are taken!

    The advanced features of the Motorola T82 Extreme

    • Function "pair and go": you allow you to pair your radio with those of your team very easily and quickly.
    • Emergency button: when pressed; for 3 seconds, the talkie gives a loud alarm and activates the iVOX (voice communication trigger) in order to communicate your position automatically.
    • The smart screen gives you only the information you need. It is designed to blend into the black colour of the walkie talkie when not in use and becomes almost transparent.
    • Vibrate function: when you need more discretion.
    • One charge by USB port for fast and easy charging everywhere.


    • 8 preprogrammed channels + 8 programmable channels and 121 codes
    • PMR 446: free and open use without license or subscription
    • Up to 10km range*
    • Resistant to water spray IPX4
    • Autonomy: 18h (NiMh battery)
    • Emergency call button
    • Definition of call groups and call identifiers
    • Hands-free: iVox function, triggering voice
    • Vibrator
    • Built-in flashlight
    • RogerBeep / tonality; confirmation
    • Low battery alert
    • Keypad lock
    • Screen with a hidden display
    • 20 ringtones to choose from
    • Connections for accessories: headset, bodyguard kit, microphone speaker ...
    • 2.5 mm jack socket
    4 Hp handheld microphones included:
    • Robust pro remote speaker microphone
    • Exclusive accessory for Motorola T82, T82 Extreme, T62 and T92 walkie talkies
    • Fixed on the shoulder, it allows communicating while leaving the device on the belt


    * The communication range indicated is based on optimal conditions in a barrier-free environment. The actual range will vary with conditions of use and the physical environment. It is often less than the maximum possible. Several factors can affect the actual range, they include for example: terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, obstructions.

    In the box

    • 4 Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme
    • 1 professional case
    • 4 VOX headsets
    • 4 rechargeable NiMH batteries
    • 4 belt clips
    • 4 wrist straps
    • 32 personalization stickers
    • User guide
    • 4 HP microphones

    Product Specs.

    More Information
    FrequencyLicense-free: analogue PMR446
    UseFor everyday use
    Comes with case and accessoriesWith complete case
    ATEX certifiedWithout ATEX certification
    Water resistantWater resistant
    IP RatingIPx4 rating
    Military standardNot confirmed to military standard
    Channels - Sub-channels - Codes16 channels; 121 codes
    Range10 km
    DisplayWith display
    VOX/iVOX hands freeWith earpiece
    Standby time / Talk time6 p.m.
    BatteryNiMh batteries
    SOS buttonWithout SOS button
    Vibrate functionWith vibrate function
    Voice encryption functionWithout voice encryption
    Scan functionWith scan function
    Room monitoringWith room monitoring
    Roger BeepWith roger beep
    FlashlightWith flashlight
    Size57 x 181 x 33 mm
    Connector accessoryMotorola 1 pin
    Sold as4 pack

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