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Cleyver CC90

USB wired and wireless speakerphone with USB Dongle (Bluetooth) - ideal for conference calls

Key features
  • Multi-connection audio speakerphone for your PC
  • USB, Bluetooth or USB-A Dongle connection
  • Powerful speaker, with integrated buttons and light (Busylight)
  • Omnidirectional HD microphones with 360º surround sound
  • Compatible with all softphones on the market
EAN: 2020112300148Manufacturer part #: ODCC90UC
Internal ref: ODCC90UC

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2 years standard warranty
£89.99 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Loudspeaker for workers on the go or remote workers

Cleyver CC90 UC is a loudspeaker for small meeting rooms (up to 6 people). It is also suitable for workers on the go or remote workers. It offers multiple connections, such as the USB-C cable connection, or the Bluetooth wireless connection, or the USB-A dongle.

360º omnidirectional microphones

The device picks up the words of the different speakers in the room thanks to its two 360-degree omnidirectional microphones while emitting high-quality broadband sound. Enjoy surround sound of exceptional quality, without echo or distortion, thanks to integrated digital sound processing.

Compatible with all softphones

Compatible with all softphones on the market, no software installation required: just connect it to your device and start the meeting immediately.

Compact and easy-to-carry design

Take the CC90 with you everywhere - its compact design and connectivity allow you to initiate conference calls wherever you are. The speaker has an internal battery, easily rechargeable via USB from the computer.

Simple controls from the CC90

Adjust the volume directly from the CC90 UC, as well as pick up / hang-up calls, mute mode, all this directly from the speaker. It also has a Busylight indicator for a quick overview of the communication status of the people around you.

Music and calls

In addition to calls, you can also use the CC90 UC as a mobile speaker to listen to music during your moments of relaxation. Ideal for remote meetings and for home use.


  • PC and mobile speaker
  • USB-C cable, Bluetooth and USB-A dongle connection
  • Echo cancellation and automatic gain
  • Voice capture range up to 3 m, 360º.
  • Compatible with any softphone
  • Speaker volume 80 dB
  • WinXP, Win7/Win8/Win10, Mac OSX, compatible con Android
  • Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-7KHz
  • Speaker frequency response: 150Hz-20KHz
  • Warranty: 1 year

In the box

  • 1 x Cleyver CC90
  • 1 x Dongle USB-A
  • 1 x carry bag
  • User manual

Product Specs.

More Information
Warranty2 years
Connects toConnects to PC via USB
Working environmentSmall room
Number participantsUp to 6 participants
ExpandableNon expandable
Portable speakerphoneWith portable speakerphones
Telephone keypadWithout telephone keypad
ScreenWithout screen
Wireless technologyBluetooth wireless technology
Microphone Coverage360° microphone coverage
Built-in microphones2 microphones
Full DuplexWith full duplex
Wireless Phone compatibilityVia Bluetooth
Mobile compatibilityVia Bluetooth
PC / MAC compatibleCompatible with PC and MAC, With USB cable
Softphone compatibilityCompatible with all softphones
Headset conectivityWired 3.5mm jack
Comes withDongle Bluetooth

In stock.
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