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Konftel 300IP Expandable SIP Conference Phone

SIP based conference phone for business using IP communications

Key features
  • Supports SIP protocol
  • OmniSound HD
  • Web interface
  • Expandable
  • Record and store meetings on SD card
EAN: 7394001010759Manufacturer part #: 910101079
Internal ref: KO300IP

In stock.
Subject to manufacturer conditions 2 years standard warranty
£573.59 Incl. VAT
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Conference phone for companies with IP PBXs

The Konftel 300IP is an ideal conference solution for companies with IP PBXs, providing advanced features and HD audio that is not limited by the normal bandwidth of the telephone network.

Omnisound HD technology

Konftel’s patented Omnisound HD technology ensures that all conversations are crystal clear, and its omnidirectional microphone can pick up the voices of up to 10 people in rooms of up to 30m2.

Advanced features

The Konftel 300IP provides a wide range of advanced functions, such as a conference guide which can store information about up to 20 groups for each profile. The SD card can record your calls, meetings, conferences, etc. and store them for you to refer to them later. The web interface allows you to easily import and export contacts, and the personal user profile feature allows you to create your own personal phone book with space for up to 1000 entries in each profile. The phone supports up to 4 user profiles.

Ideal for small conference rooms

This is an ideal phone for large conferences, as it can be expanded with expansion microphones, an external wireless headset and a PA system.

*As an IP phone, the system can be powered either by Ethernet or by mains, and it supports up to 2 SIP accounts


• OmniSound® 2.0 HD
• SIP protocol
• 128 x 64p LCD display
• Alphanumerical keypad
• Function keys: On, Off, Mute, Hold, Volume +/-
• 5 navigation keys
• PoE (Power over Ethernet)
• Power supply included
• Omnidirectional microphone
• Up to 2 SIP accounts
• 5-way calls
• SD card included for recording calls
• Range: Up to 30m2 > 10 people
• 4 user profiles (password protected) for saving contacts and personal settings
• Conference guide (20 groups per profile, 4 parties/groups)
• Directory for 1,000 contacts per profile
• Supports LDAP external directory
• Call list
• Expandable with expansion microphones (sold separately) /PA system
• Configuration via integrated web server
• Dimensions: 240mm diameter; 77mm high
• Weight: 1 kg

In the box

  • Konftel 300IP
  • 1 GB SD memory card
  • AC adapter
  • Network and power cable
  • Quick guide


KONFTEL 300IP User Guide
KONFTEL 300IP Data Sheet

More Information

More Information
Warranty2 years
Connects toConnects to IP lines
Working environmentAverage room
Number participantsUp to 12 participants
WirelessNon wireless
Portable speakerphoneWithout portable speakerphones
Telephone keypadWith telephone keypad
ScreenWith screen
Directory999 contacts / 20 groups
Microphone Coverage360° microphone coverage
RefurbNot refurbished
Additional microphones corded2 add. corded microphones
Full DuplexWith full duplex
Wireless Phone compatibilityNot compatible
Mobile compatibilityNot compatible
PC / MAC compatibleNot compatible
Headset conectivityCordless DECT
Comes with300IP Base unit - Network cable
Additional accessoriesWith memory card, With power supply, With travel case, With wall mounting bracket, With wired microphones

In stock.
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