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Headsets - Orosound

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OROSOUND Noise Cancelling Earphones
OROSOUND Noise Cancelling Earphones
Selective Anti-Noise Headphones
  • Earphones with 8 microphones
  • ANC: Active Hybrid Digital Noise Cancellation
  • Selective anti-noise: directional voice filtering at 60 °
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Technology
  • Multi connection: 2 devices simultaneously
  • Battery life between 8h and 20h, according to use 
  • HD audio quality: 2 balanced speakers
£199.99 ex. VAT
Orosound micro-USB cable
Orosound micro-USB cable
Compatible with Noise Canceling Tideos OroSound Headphones
  • Micro-USB Cable Exclusive accessories
  • Compatible with Noisy Canceling Tideos OroSound headphones
£6.99 ex. VAT
Orosound Silicone Ear Pads
Orosound Silicone Ear Pads
Compatible with the Tilde Orosound
  • Silicone pads 3 pair
  • Sizes (S, M and L to adapt to the majority)
  • Compatible with the Tilde Orosound anti-noise headphones
£4.99 ex. VAT
Orosound Fabric Bag
Orosound Fabric Bag
Case for earphones Tilde OroSound.


  • Fabric Case 
  • Allows you to transport your headphones with total security
  • Exclusive headset accessory Tilde Orosound 
  • Compatible with the noisy headphones of Tilde Oros
£13.99 ex. VAT

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Wireless and Corded Headsets


Onedirect offers a wide selection of products from top brands: Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser

  • Wireless models:

    Are ideal for workers who are constantly using their phone and are seeking greater freedom of movement during their phone calls.

  • Corded models:

    An essential tool for professionals constantly needing their desk phone whilst in the office and allows a greater comfort for workers.

  • For PCs:

    Allows you to benefit from free unlimited communication via the internet.

The use of headsets respects the european noise standards. From 15 february 2006, companies must consider the noise exposure of their employees in accordance with the european directive 2003/10/EC: the daily acceptable noise is limited to 85 db over the course of 8 hours (max 87 db): the maximum amplitude is limited to 150 db.

Wireless and corded