Our CSR commitment

For more than 20 years, Onedirect has stepped up its CSR initiatives by continually improving its CSR approach



More environmentally friendly distribution


Sale of refurbished products and recycling of used products

Over 2021, Onedirect sold more than 10,000 units of refurbished products. These purchases resulted in a saving of 41,674 kg of CO2 according to the carbon footprint method developed by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME). We also buy our customers' used fleets, in order to recycle or refurbish them to return them to the market and thereby have a circular economy.

TREE(S) planted by Onedirect in its forest

Responsible communication and logistics


Our catalogues are printed on PEFC certified paper. The PEFC label guarantees the consumer that the product they are buying is from responsible sources and that through their purchase they are participating in the sustainable management of forests. Managing a forest sustainably means taking into account its environmental, social and economic dimensions. This is a mission that PEFC accomplishes every day as the guardian of the forest balance.

Our catalogues are packed in a Home Compost protective film. You can integrate it with your bio-waste, i.e. kitchen waste or green waste. It can also be industrially composted and thus transformed into natural fertilizer.

Finally, our catalogues can still be consulted and downloaded online, if you no longer wish to receive the paper format.

Emballages Onedirect
label FSC
Our packaging

Our cardboard packaging is manufactured within 200km of our warehouses by a company following circular economy principles, integrating sustainable development into each fibre. Their closed-loop model begins with 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials.

The producer responsibility and paper recycling approach means that 75% of the raw materials are recycled fibre – more than any other packaging material. These boxes are FSC-C089432.

Our shipments

Thanks to specific follow-up and maximum cooperation with La Poste group and in particular its subsidiaries DPD and Chronopost, Onedirect was able to benefit from the 100% carbon neutrality of the postal services entrusted to the La Poste group, i.e. 11.02 TC CO1 offset between 01/01/2019 and 31/12/2019.

Expéditions Onedirect

Our internal actions

Parc auto propre
Building a cleaner car fleet
Since 2020, at the Perpignan site, 100% of new vehicles are hybrids. All vehicles used for travel and service are now hybrid vehicles. The long-term goal is to make the entire fleet cleaner with lower emissions vehicles.
Locaux respectueux
Selection of more environmentally friendly premises
Recently, Onedirect Services has changed premises. Our organisation has decided to select more environmentally friendly buildings. For this reason, the Terra Verde building was held. Our Montdandruine teams are now working in the first office building in Montpellier to achieve "BREEAM very good" certification. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method. Terra Verde is intended to be a plant building focused on the well-being of the occupant: natural light, indoor air quality, energy savings through precise control of consumption and optimisation of parking. In fact, Onedirect Services has the EnVol label, which is a label for SMEs that make a commitment to the environment. Onedirect Services, a subsidiary of the Onedirect group, was certified in 2020 and is implementing an action plan to better control its environmental impact.

Social issues


The social aspect is a key element for our organisation, we want to be a human-scale SME where the well-being and development of each employee is essential.

Equal opportunities index

Discrimination is a practice that Onedirect cannot tolerate within the organisation for any reason. Each employee is evaluated on the basis of the tasks and objectives entrusted to them. Onedirect wants to be an organisation that promotes diversity in order to ensure sharing, collective intelligence and performance. Year after year, we tend to develop talent within our organisation based on the skills of each employee. The workplace equality index is also representative of our commitment to the issue.

M/F parity measurement

Part des hommes
Part des femmes
M/F salary gap measurement
4 women in the 10 highest Onedirect salaries
Part des femmes Part des femmes Part des femmes Part des femmes Part des hommes

Part des hommes Part des hommes Part des hommes Part des hommes Part des hommes
Access to training

In 2019, 18.2% of employees were able to access training in order to increase their skills independently of the areas of activity in which they operate, an increase of 8.2 points compared to 2018.

New starters

Each new starter benefits from an intensive and immersive training programme during the first month after they join. During this period, the objective is to discover the different services of the organisation: logistics, picking, purchasing, accounting etc. a mentoring system is also set up in order to assist new starters throughout their development in the organisation.

Continuous improvement of existing practices

Since 2017, HR reporting has been in place to track various performance indicators. Annual performance meetings are also carried out in order to monitor the evolution of each individual and the degree of development of each employee in the functions performed. Managers work closely with the Human Resources department in order to reflect on actions to limit absenteeism (workload, well-being, involvement, etc.)


The establishment of an alternative to the purchase of equipment.


Recently and with the development of ODaaS (Onedirect as a service), Onedirect offers an alternative to the own purchase of hardware through various offerings allowing the rental of videoconferencing rooms. This alternative is intended to be better for the environment. Indeed, each rental item offered therefore benefits from a second life thanks to refurbishment. The refurbished products are then used for association equipment. This offering aims to end obsolescence through scheduled regular updates of equipment and proactive monitoring to enable early detection of end-of-life or potential accidents.