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Zoom Rooms videoconferencing solution

Meeting room and workspace solution

Key features
  • Meeting room and workspace solution
  • Interoperability with H.323 / SIP
  • Supports centralized management of meeting rooms and room reservation 
  • HD audio and video conferencing 
  • Dynamic display and interactive collaboration for collective annotations
  • Compatible with users of other conference systems, remote and / or mobile
  • Ideal for businesses of all sizes 
  • Annual subscription, 2-year and 3-year license available
Manufacturer part #: PAR1-CRC-1-PT1Y
Internal ref: ZOOMROOM

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Product description

Zoom Rooms

Collaboration solution for all businesses

Zoom Rooms is a solution that willmakeyour life considerably easier: your videoconferences, your meetings, whatever your supporting device. It is ideal for businesses of all sizes , up to 100 people.

Zoom Rooms adapts to modern teams, always desiring more features, by integrating HD audio and video, dynamic collaboration tools ... The solution is compatible with many media, the installation is simple and above all flexible: you just have to create the room you need with the material of your choice via the available Zoom cloud.

The solution has modern capabilities to deploy scalable communications solutions in order to solve your daily problems and capture the opportunities of tomorrow. Users have advanced, easy-to-use technology at their fingertips. The efficiency of the teams is increased, they will be able to focus entirely on carrying out the missions without having to waste time on the implementation of the solution.

Zoom is flexible, so it is possible to add the solution to an already existing equipped room or to create one with the directly integrated solution. Use the Zoom Conference Room Connector to extend your standards-based conferencing systems to the cloud. Zoom's Conference Room Connector helps organizations leverage existing products throughout its lifecycle while delivering a cohesive and unified communications experience.

Zoom Rooms also includes complementary services to add additional value to your equipment such as digital signage, planning signage (room reservations), interactive collaboration via touch screens ...


  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Wireless content sharing
  • Room reservation
  • Centralized management of meeting rooms
  • Dynamic display
  • Collaboration interactive
  • Video et audio HD
  • Interoperability with H.323 / SIP
  • Interoperability of remote participants on desktop, mobile, other conference systems
  • Integration of Google and Microsoft Exchange calendars

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