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Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Case

Portable wireless conference system providing excellent sound for online meetings

Manufacturer Ref.: 506686 Product Ref.: SETEAMCONNECTGGUK
Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless CaseSennheiser TeamConnect Wireless CaseSennheiser TeamConnect Wireless CaseSennheiser TeamConnect Wireless CaseSennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Case

Key features

  • Portable and instant conference system
  • Rugged and elegant carrying case that serves as a charging station
  • Base kit with 4 speakers. (1 main + 3 satellites)
  • Up to 24 participants
  • High sound quality
  • Allows you to use your desk, mobile or PC phone to start a web conference in any room
  • Supports the connection of multiple channels of audio simultaneously
  •  Add partners easily
  • Connection via Bluetooth, NFC, cable, connector or USB
  • 3 or 4 wireless speakers with a range of up to 2m between them

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Product information

Stationary turnkey audio solution for online meetings

The Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless Case is a portable wireless conference system, providing excellent sound quality for online meetings. With its easy set up you can start conferencing instanly. This system offers a wide variety of connectivity options: Bluetooth, NFC, USB, audio jack (included), telephone cable (optional), so that users can connect their own smart devices wirelessly or through a cable. Equipped with 4 portable satellites and a stationary charging tray, this conference system is a perfect solution for larger conference meetings. 

DECT connection

 You can connect a phone, smartphone, tablet or a computer. All connections are quickly installed to the "MASTER" speaker through an easy to use interface. Once the initial connection to the master speaker is configured the TeamConnect Wireless Tray is installed immediately and creates a high quality DECT connection between the speakers. The 4 units (1 main and 3 satellites) detect and transmit the voices of up to 24 participants with excellent sound quality.

Microphones and Speakers

The microphones and loudspeakers of this system are high-end, so they allow natural and simultaneous conversations with a great speech intelligibility. This will increase the quality and productivity of your audio conferences. 

Controlling the units

The units can be placed wherever in the room, and as close to the participants as you need, do not worry about leaning or moving to be heard. The four units connect automatically and link together. With the central unit touch control panel, you can connect devices and contol calls easily. An additional feature includes a wireless satellite unit with touch contols, allowing you to mute and adjust the volume.   

Sophisticated design 

The modern design, made of glass and aluminum and coated with a high durability varnish system in matt black, perfectly matches any work environment. This audio conferencing system will be sure to make your workspace look more elegant. 

The TeamConnect Wireless system consists of a transport and cargo case that includes four units. (one main and three satellite)


  • Online meeting solution for up to 24 participants
  • For dedicated meeting rooms
  • Connection with any device (smartphone, tablet or PC)
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or via USB or 3.5mm jack audio cable 
  • Supports multiple simultaneous audio channels (add additional callers at ease)
  • Stationary tray included 
  • Best speech intelligibility, for more effective online meetings 
Warranty1 year
Working environmentLarge room
Portable speakerphoneWith portable speakerphones
Wireless technologyBluetooth wireless technology
In the box
  • 1 TC-W Master Microphone
  • 3 TC-W Satellite Microphones
  • 1 Briefcase and charging station TC-W
  • 4 BA 100 Batteries
  • 1 NT 12-10BW power supply for the charging station
  • 1 Micro-USB cable type B / USB type A 
  • 1 Cable with 2.5mm / 3.5mm jack
  • EU to UK adapter
  • User manual
  • Safety instructions

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