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Body Cameras

Over the past decade, body cameras have been used significantly more and can benefit all different types of people.

Body-worn cameras can be used for a number of reasons. They serve both as law enforcement and public accountability function for ultimate protection.

There are many types of body cameras, integrated with a wide range of features whether it be real-life video streaming, automatic recording via Bluetooth, or even setting inputs that trigger the camera to automatically turn on.

What are body cameras?

Body cameras also known as body-worn cameras, are wearable audio, video or photographic recording systems.

They are typically worn on the torso of the body and do not cause any discomfort to the user.

Who are body cameras for?

  • Police
  • Members of the public
  • Commercial use
  • Military workers

What kinds of footage do body cameras collect?

For the police

For the police

Audio and video footage of people. Some also include date and time stamps as well as GPS coordinates.

For the police

For law enforcement

The footage captured by the police could be a confession or an unexpected event that can be used to help support a case a lawyer is working on.

For the police

For commercial use

If you have been on an amazing holiday or are going on new adventures a body camera can help to record some of your best moments in HD.

          A BODY CAMERA?

Why should you invest in
a body camera?

Edit and delete footage
Simple set-up / use
Capture unforgettable moments
Evidence to support a case
HD footage


Philips DVT3120

The Philips DVT3120 is a pedestrian surveillance camera with night vision. The pre and post recording functions paired with the 170º wide angle coverage ensure you will never miss an important moment.


Hytera VM550

The Hytera VM550 is a body-camera integrated with a remote speaker microphone. Use this device to upgrade any two-way radio system. Available in 4 different sizing ranges.


Hytera VM685

The Hytera VM685 is a remote video speaker microphone. Use this as a stand-alone device, or with the Hytera multi-mode advanced radio and selected narrowband devices.