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Plantronics CS520 Refurb

Refurbished cordless headset with up to 9 hours talk time - ideal for optimal concentration

Manufacturer Ref.: 84692-02 Product Ref.: PLCS520R
Save £47.00
Plantronics CS520 Cordless Headset Refurb

Key features

  • Refurbished Model
  • Duo cordless headset for desk phones
  • Extended talk time and 120m range
  • Very comfortable: headband and large ear pads
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Easy to install

  • Free standard shipping on this item
  • Delivery date with Express Shipping: 24/08/2019
  • 6 months standard warranty
£141.99 ex. VAT
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Product information

The Plantronics CS520 Wireless Headset Refurb is designed for desk phones with a range of 120m and a extemded talk time of up to 9 hours, making this a perfect choice for people who spend much of the day on the phone.This version of Plantronics headset has two ear pads, which is ideal for people who want to focus all their concentration on their telephone calls, without distractions from the office. Plantronics CS520 Cordless Headset

This plantronics headset's increased range of up to 120m and its noise cancelling microphone make it an ideal choice for use in office environments. The CS520 cordless headset is also robust and comfortable, allowing you to control volume levels and put calls on mute by simply pressing one button on the headset. It has two large earpads, ensuring maximum comfort as well as increased levels of concentration and privacy for your calls.

The CS520 allows you to register up to 4 headsets to its dock for conference calls between each other. This is a useful function for telephone meetings with one external user and various people within  the office, for training or for when people need to listen in on conversations. It also comes with a stylish new magnetic dock, which you can put your headset on to charge up quickly and easily, without having to worry if it is properly positioned.

This Plantronics headset uses DECT technology, which gives it fantastic sound quality and eliminates interference from Wi-Fi networks. It also features Plantronics' brand new CAT-iq technology, offering an advanced wideband audio for high definition conversations, and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for sharp and natural sound. The noise cancelling microphone blocks out background noise.

In addition, with the optional extra of the handset lifter, you can answer calls even if you are away from your desk. You'll hear a short beep when a call comes in, and you can answer by simply pressing a button on the headset. The handset lifter is discrete and easy to install.


  • DECT cordless headset for desk phones
  • Range of up to 120m 
  • Conference calls with up to three additional headsets connected to the same base
  • Broadband sound with CAT-iq technology
  • DSP
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Compatible with the HL10 handset lifter and electronic hook switches (consult our sales team about compatibility)
  • Adjustable headband and large earpads
  • Talk time of up to 9 hours
  • Weight: 72g
  • Soundguard for sounds higher than 85dBA

NOTE: This is a refurbished product

Warranty6 months
Headset typeWireless DECT
CompatibilityFor Desk phones
Corded or cordlessWireless
ConnectivityFor RJ Connectivity
Mono/duoDuo headsets
Wearing styleHeadband
Ear cushionsWith leatherette Ear cushions
Microphone BoomWith long microphone boom
Noise CancellingWith noise cancelling
Standby time / Talk time+/- 9h
MuteWith mute key
Volume controlOn headset volume control
Conference functionWith conference function
Refurbished (Grade A)Refurbished (grade A)
Handset lifter (sold separately)Compatible with Handset lifter
Electronic Hook SwitchDepends on the model of your telephone - contact us
Acoustic protectionyES

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Product Questions
does this headset work with the cisco ip phone 7942


You can use the Plantronics CS520 with the Cisco IP phone 7942 using the Plantronics APC-43 EHS Electronic Hookswitch cable for Cisco IP Phones - REF PLAPC43 on our website. 

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