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Phoenix Spider MT505 USB and VoIP Conference Phone

A sophisticated USB and VoIP conference phone that combines the latest features in audio technology

Key features
  • 4 directional microphones
  • Daisy Chaining (up to 14 spiders connected at one time) 
  • Supports PoE 
  • Bridging between USB and VoIP/SIP/IP
  • Compatible with PC/Mac 
  • LED Display 
EAN: 0854969001253Manufacturer part #: MT505
Internal ref: PHOEMT505

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Subject to manufacturer conditions
2 years standard warranty
£698.39 Incl. VAT
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Product description

The superior solution to modern day conferencing

The Phoenix Spider MT505 USB and VoIP Conference Phone is a superior and advanced solution to modern day conferencing. This sleek and compact model offers a combination of USB and VoIP connectivity making it a desirable option for both video and audio conferencing.

High sound quality

The Phoenix Spider provides crystal clear sound quality which makes it ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms and offices.

Backlit LED display

The impressive LED display comes to life when powered and lights up only the function keys that are necessary, depending on the specific situation, preventing confusion during conferences.

4 built in microphones

This particular model features four fully duplex directional microphones that are built with state of the art echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, meaning disruption from background noise will be a thing of the past. The device also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), creating a quick and easy set up process.

Compatible with othe Phoenix Spiders

Maximum flexibility is supported via three-way bridge calling, which allows you to switch between USB and VoIP interfaces, creating a streamline conferencing experience. The device can also be linked up with other Phoenix Spiders in what is known as daisy chaining, meaning up to 14 conference phones can be connected at one time, allowing even the largest conference rooms to be covered.


  • 4 directional microphones
  • Daisy Chaining (up to 14 spiders connected at one time)
  • Supports PoE
  • 100% fully duplex
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • SIP/IP with USB interface
  • Bridging between USB and VoIP/SIP/IP
  • Compatible with PC/Mac
  • LED Display
  • Operating Systems: Windows 98 and up/Linux/ MacOS
  • Power Usage: 150 mA from 48V ac/dc adaptor or via PoE supply
  • Low Latency (10ms)
  • Acoustic echo canelation > 40dB/sec
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Size: 7", 1-7/8"
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Recording utility available for Windows
  • Warranty: 2 years

In the box

  • USB cable
  • 48V Power Supply
  • International power supply adaptor
  • Phone cable
  • User manual

Product Specs.

More Information
Warranty2 years
Connects toConnects to IP lines
Working environmentAverage room
Number participantsUp to 12 participants
WirelessNon wireless
Portable speakerphoneWithout portable speakerphones
Telephone keypadWith telephone keypad
ScreenWith screen
Microphone Coverage180° microphone coverage
Built-in microphones4 microphones
RefurbNot refurbished
Full DuplexWith full duplex
PC / MAC compatibleCompatible with PC and MAC, With USB cable
Softphone compatibilityCompatible with all softphones
Headset conectivityWired 2.5mm jack
Remote controlRemote control not included
Additional accessoriesWith battery, With power supply