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3M Peltor Tactical XP Standard

High attenuating hearing protection with adjustable volume function for extremely noisy environments

Internal ref: PELTACXP
4.4 of 8 Reviews
Key features
  • Amplifies soft sounds and attenuates sudden loud noises
  • Active volume function with equalizer, balance, adjustable release time
  • Volume for external input and input mode
  • Collapsible headband
  • Low battery voice alerts
  • Voice guided menu function
£239.99 Incl. VAT
1 year of manufacturer warranty Subject to manufacturer conditions
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Product description

The 3M™ Peltor Tactical XP Ear Defender is an electronic level dependent hearing protector, which is ideal for use against high noise levels in actitivities such as hunting and shooting,Soldiers, police officers, Military Use, Industrial environments like construction sites, agriculture, forestry.

Active volume ability

The Peltor Tactical has a built-in active volume function, which ‘listens’ to your surroundings and adapts to what it ‘hears’, so you’ll still be able to hear what is going on around you, such as warning signals, machine sounds and conversations, but you’ll be protected against loud sounds above 85dB, such as gun shots. The electronic technology inside the ear cups analyses the information and processes the sound before reproducing it to the ear. Very loud sounds are reduced to a safe level of 82dB and quiet sounds are amplified to an audible level. Two microphones pick up ambient noises and reproduce them in stereo, while sudden noises are immediately attenuated to a harmless level.

Adjustable balance

This device allows you to adapt the active volume function to suit your environment. Different sounds vary in character, direction, impulse, frequency and volume. This ear defender uses a digital circuit to control and monitor the active volume function, so you can be sure to hear what you want to hear while remaining protected from harmful sounds. Functions and settings are indicated by a voice message.

Equaliser function

Like the ProTac, you can adjust the volume of the active-volume function, but with this model, you can also adjust the balance, which is especially useful for people with hearing loss in one ear. The equalizer function allows you to filter ambient noise so you can improve or cut out sounds at certain frequencies. You can also change the time for the volume function to return to normal. The easily accessible control buttons are located on the right ear cup, and an external audio input jack allows you to connect the Peltor Tactical XP to a telephone or radio.

Extreme comfort and protection

This protector is comfortable enough to be worn all day, with contoured headband cushions and soft wide foam fluid-filled ear cushions, which distribute pressure evenly around the ears.

Battery life of 1000 hours

It comes with 2 x AA batteries, which have an operating life of approximately 1000 hours. Power is automatically shut off after two hours if no function is used. When switched off, the headset remembers the last setting used.


  • High attenuating hearing protection
  • Level dependent function
  • Easily accessible control buttons
  • Ghost voice guided menu system
  • Volume control for level dependent function
  • Adjustable balance
  • Equalizer
  • Volume for external input
  • Setting memory between use
  • Audio input jack for external radio
  • Plenty of space for the ear
  • Automatic shut-off if no function is used
  • Battery life: 1000 hours
  • Low battery warning signal
  • 2 x AA batteries included
  • Testing and approval:EN 352-4 2001, EN 352-6 2002 and applicable parts of EN 352-1 2002.


Single Number Rating, SNR, is calculated according to EN ISO 4869-2:1995 with a=1.

It shall be applied to C-weighted noise level measurements to estimate the A-weighted noise level effective to the ear when hearing protectors are worn.

Value type 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mean att. 13.8 21.5 30.9 36.6 35.9 35.5 39
Satndard dev 1.8 0.9 1.3 1.5 5.5 3.1 2.3
APV 12.0 20.6 29.6 35.1 30.4 34.4 36.7

H (dB) 32
M (dB) 25
L (dB) 20
SNR (dB) 31

Product Specs.

More Information
Manufacturer part #MT1H7F2
Warranty1 year
Ear Defender TypeConnects to walkie talkies or mobiles
Wearing styleOver the head
AttenuationHigh attenuation
Level dependent active listeningWith level dependent active listening
BluetoothWithout Bluetooth
ATEXNot ATEX certified
Built-in AM/FM radioWithout AM/FM radio

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