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Olympus VP-10

Sleek digital voice recorder with brand new technology for business use

Manufacturer Ref.: V413111BE000 Product Ref.: OLVP10
Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice RecorderOlympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder (2)Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder (3)Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder (4)Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder (5)Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder (6)Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder (7)Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder (8)

Key features

  • Omni-directional microphones emit little noise and deliver high quality recordings
  • Anti-rustle filter to allow you to effectively record from your pocket
  • One-touch recording
  • Noise cancellation and Voice Balancer produce only the best sound
  • USB connection and easy data search

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  • 2 years standard warranty
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Product information

The Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder that can increase efficiency in your business

The Olympus V-10 Digital Voice Recorder has been optimised for businesses using new innovative technologies to deliver the highest quality sound for your recordings.

Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder

High Sound Quality

The V-10 uses omni-directional microphones to capture every sound and voice, even if you are recording from inside of your pocket. This is possible largely thanks to the anti-rustle filter, which cancels out the noise created in your pocket to just focus on the important sounds.

Olympus have also added a new noise-cancellation function, which builds on their existing technology to replicate your voice and your voice only. Added to this, the Voice Balancer means that all sounds are recorded at the same volume, which is particularly useful when sounds are coming from different positions, such as in a meeting. 

Quick and Never Miss a Moment

One-touch recording allows you to quickly record anything by simply using the REC slide switch. This can even be activated when the power is off, to make sure that you can instantly record anything you need. 

Another great features is the VCVA voice activated recording, so you don't miss anything important.

Adapts to Different Situations

The V-10 has various modes, including the "Pocket" mode, as well as the "Dictation", "Meeting" and "Conference" modes. These modes allow the product to adapt to various recording situations to give the best quality end result every time.

Easy Transcription

Transcribing minutes from meetings has never been easier with the V-10, which automatically plays back the previous 3 seconds after pausing, to allow you to check your content. Similarly, you can preset the fast forward to skip the irritating silences. 

Straightforward Data Exchange and Charging

The V-10 has a built-in USB stick which is incredibly practical for exchanging data, but also allows you to charge the device without removing the battery. Easily search for different recordings with the Data Search function which plays the first few seconds of each file to help you find the one you want.




  • 4GB internal memory
  • Voice activated recording
  • USB connection
  • Music player
  • Noise cancelling
  • Voice balancer
  • Forward/Reverse skip
  • Intro playback
  • Calender Search
  • Recording format: PCM/WMA/MP3
  • LCD backlit display
  • Recording time: 50 hours (battery)
  • 90mW speaker
  • 3.5mm earphone jack
  • Weight: 37.4g
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 170mm x 170mm
Warranty 2 years
Internal Memory Up to 4GB of internal memory
USB With retractable USB cable
Recording format MP3 format, PCM format, WMA format
Microphone Stereo microphone
Zoom mic With zoom mic
360º Recording With 360º recording
Voice activated recording (VCVA) With VCVA
Maximum recording time 1620 hours
Battery Life 50 hours
In the box
  • Olympus VP-10 Digital Voice Recorder
Olympus VP-10 User Manual (1.00 MB)

Olympus VP-10 - Datasheet (670.48 KB)

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