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Motorola T82 Twin Pack + Closed Face Helmet Mics

IPX2 rated two-way radio, perfect for your next adventure

Key features
  • IPX2 rating
  • PMR446- license free
  • Easy pairing
  • 16 channels and 121 privacy codes
EAN: 5031753007249Manufacturer part #: B8P00810EDRMAW
Internal ref: MOT82BIKECFUK

In stock
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Delivery date with Express Shipping: 25/01/2022
Subject to manufacturer conditions
1 year standard warranty
Motorola Talkabout T82   + £49.58
Closed Face Helmet Mic for 1-Pin Motorola Radios   + £16.20

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£98.38 Incl. VAT
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    Product description

    Perfect for your next adventure

    The Motorola T82 is a great addition to any adventure, allowing you to communicate with your colleagues in some difficult environments.

    Rugged radio with an IPX2 rating

    The T82 is a rugged radio with an IPX2 rating, meaning that it can withstand any drops or splashes that it might be exposed to. The easy pairing button makes connecting your radios simple, and fuss-free, while the new hidden display only comes to life when you need to make calls or use it, saving battery life.

    Comes with an emergency alert and built-in LED torch

    The T82 comes equipped with an emergency alert button as well as a built-in LED torch, in case you find yourself in a difficult situation, or need to be able to see your surroundings in the dark. With a range of up to 10km, with 16 channels and 121 privacy codes, the T82 is well equipped to keep you connected.

    Never miss anything

    The comprehensive alerts make sure that you never miss anything. With 20 call tones, vibrate alert and talk confirmation tone (roger beep), you can be sure that you won't miss out on any important broadcast. If you need a walkie-talkie with a longer battery life, the T82 comes with a NiMH 800 mAH battery which gives you up to 18 hours battery life. However, if you need more battery life, you can buy a compatible NiMH 1300 mAH high capacity battery, which increases battery life to up to 26 hours.

    Easy pairing

    The Talkabout T82 is PMR446, which means that you can operate the radios without having a license. Simply pair, and start using.



    • PMR446 license free radio
    • Easy pairing
    • LED Torch
    • Splash-proof IPX2
    • Hidden display
    • 16 channels and 121 privacy codes
    • Keypad lock
    • Battery level indicator
    • Channel Scan
    • VOX
    • Emergency alert button
    • Micro USB port for charging
    • Vibrate alert
    • Talk confirmation code/ roger beep
    • Tx Power: 500mW
    • Bandwidth: 12.5Khz
    • Weight: 197 grams
    • Range: Up to 10km
    • Size WxDxH: 5.7 x 18.1 x 3.3 cm


    Important: The range of PMR446 two-way radios varies a lot depending on where you use them. The maximum range given by manufacturers is based on ideal conditions, such as from hilltop to hilltop, but the range you actually get will be much less if you are in a built-up area. Trees, walls, hills and even the weather can affect the range of your walkie-talkie. If you require a product with more range, please see our Licensed two-way radio section.

    In the box

    • 2 Motorola T82
    • 2 belt clips
    • 2 Main chargers with 2 micro USB plugs
    • 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs
    • Personalization stickers (16pcs)
    • Instruction manual

    Product Specs.

    More Information
    Warranty1 year
    FrequencyLicense-free analogue/digital hybrid PMR446 + DPMR446
    ATEX certifiedWithout ATEX certification
    Water resistantWater resistant
    IP RatingIPx2 rating
    Military standardNot confirmed to military standard
    Channels - Sub-channels - Codes16 +121 privacy codes
    RangeUp to 10km
    DisplayWith display
    VOX/iVOX hands freeWith earpiece
    Standby time / Talk timeUp to 18 hours talk time
    BatteryNiMH 800 mAH
    SOS buttonWith SOS button
    Vibrate functionWithout vibrate function
    Voice encryption functionWithout voice encryption
    Scan functionWithout scan function
    Roger BeepWith roger beep
    Ringtones20 call tones
    FlashlightWith flashlight
    Size5.7 x 18.1 x 3.3 cm


    Motorola T82 Quad Pack + Closed Face Helmet Mics

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    Motorola Talkabout T82

    In stock.Ref: MOT82UK
    £71.99 £51.99 £62.39 Incl. VAT

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