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Motorola DP4401Ex - UHF ATEX

Professional walkie-talkie, UHF band, ATEX certified. Great audio quality and comfortable analogue-digital transition

Manufacturer Ref.: MDH56QCC9LA3AN Product Ref.: MODP4401UATEX
Motorola DP4401 ATEX - UHFMotorola DP4401 ATEX - UHF

Key features

  • UHF walkie-talkie with ATEX certification: for potentially explosive areas
  • Digital portable with 32 channels
  • 3 programmable side buttons
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • IP67 Regulations
  • Automatic suppression of ambient noise
  • Man Down function
  • Lone Worker function
  • GPS
  • This product requires a license

  • Free standard shipping on this item
  • 2 years standard warranty
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£536.99 ex. VAT
£644.39 incl. VAT

Product information

Keep your workers safe in the toughest environments!

The Motorola DP4401 ATEX - UHF is ideal for use in the toughest environments. The DP4401/DP4801 series are the first on the market with DMR and ATEX technology. They combine the best of the functionality of the radio transmitter-receiver with the latest in digital technology. They seamlessly integrate voice and data, offer easy-to-use enhanced features and provide benefits in essential operations, such as integrated Bluetooth® and Smart Audio.

ATEX certified professional walkie talkies

The DP44xx and DP48xx ATEX series radios are the solution for professionals working in potentially explosive environments and who need to be in contact. The Motorola DP4401 professional walkie-talkies require the prior obtaining of a license for use. This license consists of a UHF frequency code for which only you have the right to use.

What is an ATEX radio?What is an ATEX radio?

The ATEX Directive (94/9/EC) requires manufacturers to have their electrical and/or mechanical products that are to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres certified. The products must be classified according to the level of protection offered against the risk that they become a potential source of ignition in explosive atmospheres. 

Therefore ATEX certified walkie talkies are designed and manufactured to avoid the ignition of the explosive atmosphere that surrounds them and the certification authorizes them to work with these radiotelephones within potentially explosive areas.

Exceptional sound

The sound quality of the DP4000 series is spectacular, thus providing users with a unique experience while they speak and listen with total clarity. With Intelligent Audio, the volume of the radio is automatically adjusted to compensate for background noise, so workers do not have to adjust their radio volume to avoid losing calls in noisy situations or not to disturb other people when they pass by quiet areas. Increased suppression of background noise filters unwanted external noise, from traffic on the road to the roar of engines.

Business applications

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth, it is possible to share data between wireless devices simply and instantly. The integrated GPS (model DP4401) allows the tracking of the location of mobile work teams, and text messages allow communication when it is not possible to use voice.

The Motorola Application Developer Program offers customized data applications so you can adapt your radios to your business challenges. With the largest developer program in the industry, data applications respond to your goals, from managing worksheets to telephony integration, and much more.

Simple migration between digital and analogue mode

It is easy to migrate to a digital mode with the radios of the DP4000 series because they operate in both analogue and digital modes. To further facilitate the transition, the mixed dynamic mode repeater functionality speeds up automatic switching between analogue and digital calls. So you can start using radios and repeaters in your current analogue system and, when time and budget allow, go digital at your own pace.

Each channel of the radiotelephone can be configured as a conventional analogue channel or a conventional digital channel. Using the channel selector knob switches from an analogue channel to a digital one. When switching from digital mode to analogue mode, some functions are no longer available. The radiotelephone also has functions available for analogue and digital modes. However, the small differences in how each function works do not affect the operation of the radiotelephone.

Degrees of Protection

Gas: ATEX: Class II 2G Ex ib, IIC T4 Gb # IECEx: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Dust: ATEX: Class II 2D Ex ib, IIIC T130ºC Db # IECEx: Ex ib IIIC, T130ºC Db
Mining: ATEX: Class I M2 Ex, ib I Mb # IECEx: Ex ib I Mb


  • Digital portable with 32 channels. Available in UVF 1w and VHF 1w
  • Large Push-to-Talk button
  • Rotary channel switch
  • 3 programmable side buttons
  • On-off switch and volume
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • Emergency button
  • IP67 Regulations
  • Channel voice announcement
  • Automatic suppression of ambient noise
  • VOX capability
  • Privacy features
  • Man Down function
  • Lone Worker function
  • IP Site Connect (Conventional Multiple Site Coverage)
  • Over Air Programming
  • Integrated GPS
  • Direct Mode (Including Dual Capacity Direct Mode) / Repeater Mode

NOTE: This product requires a license. 

(*) Accessories

This product comes with the standard accessory pack. This includes the battery, charger, antenna, dust cover, belt clip and user guide. Onedirect offers the possibility to customize the accessory pack to your needs. There are several options for the battery, charger and antenna. For more information, please contact us via mail, chat or call us on 0333 123 3050.

Licence FAQ Section:

How to apply for a licence:

Warranty 2 years
Frequency Licensed
Use For intensive use
Comes with case and accessories Without case
ATEX certified With ATEX certification
Robustness Resistant
Water resistant Water resistant
IP Rating IP67 rating
Military standard Confirmed to military standard
Channels - Sub-channels - Codes 32
Display Without display
VOX/iVOX hands free With earpiece
Standby time / Talk time 16 hours
Battery Li-Ion
SOS button With SOS button
Vibrate function Without vibrate function
Voice encryption function With voice encryption
Scan function With scan function
Room monitoring Without room monitoring
Roger Beep Without roger beep
Flashlight Without flashlight
Size 138.5 x 56.7 x 39.8mm
Connector accessory Motorola
Motorola Hard leather case, Swivel ATEX DP Series
£39.99 ex. VAT
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