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Motorola DM4600E VHF (45W)

Motorola Two-way mobile radio with 1000 channels

Key features
  • Two-way mobile radio
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Colour screen with day / night mode
  • 3 W speaker
  • IP54 rating
EAN: 7426762898328Manufacturer part #: MDM28JQN9VA2AN
Internal ref: MODM4600EVHFUK

In stock.
Subject to manufacturer conditions
1 year standard warranty
£389.99 Incl. VAT
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Product description

1000-channel digital two-way radio 

The Motorola DM4600E VHF radio allows for simple and easy communications. With its intelligent audio system and customisable voice announcement feature, you can communicate with co-workers quickly and easily. The DM4600E is ideal for professionals who do not want to comprimise between efficiency and connectivity. 

Keeping your business conneceted

The DM4600E is an ETSI DMR compliant digital radio that provides critical voice and data communications. Integrated Bluetooth audio and WiFi enables remote software updates and indoor and outdoor location tracking. 

Quick access buttons are useful for ultimate protection, call for help at the touch of a button! 

Equipped with a high-power audio amplifier, these radios emit clear and loud sound, with background noise suppression for better intelligibility.


  • 1000 channels 
  • 4-line colour screen 
  • Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Noise suppression
  • Pre-programmable messages 
  • Smart voice announcement 
  • IP54 rating
  • MIL-STD810 C, D, E, F, G

In the box

  • DM4600E Radio
  • Microphone 
  • Power cable 
  • User manual

Product Specs.

More Information
Warranty1 year
Water resistantWater resistant
IP RatingIP54 rating
Channels - Sub-channels - Codes1000 channels
SOS buttonWith SOS button
Scan functionWith scan function
Size53.3 x 175.3 x 205.7 mm

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