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5 Year Essential Wrap with Repair

Motorola Essential Software and Hardware Repair

Key features
  • Ensures continuous security, performance and enhanced functionality for your two-way radios 
  • Access to MOTOTRBO certified software updates 
  • Protects your investments with access to new features 
  • Increased reliability, productivity, and safety  
  • Expert hardware repair 
  • Compatible with: DP1400, DP2400E UHF/VHF, SL4010E and DP4801E UHF/VHF devices 

Manufacturer part #: GMLN5554A
Internal ref: MOGMLN5554A

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£56.39 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Five Year Motorola Software and Hardware Cover 

The 5 Year Essential Wrap with Repair ensures continuous security, performance, and enhanced functionality on MOTOTRBO radios. This package provides access to premium software features, updates, and important hardware repairs. All of this comes with a three-day turnaround and return shipping included.

Essential Software Updates 

The Essential Software includes five years of coverage for premium software features, software maintenance, and updates. You also get two years of hardware coverage included. This ensures you always stay ahead of the game with your premium software features and updates. 

Regular release software updates protect and enhance operations to extend the lifespan of your MOTORBO infrastructure. Invest in planned updates to minimize unforeseen costs and service disruptions. 

This essential software protects your investments through access to new features as they are developed and expands your capabilities beyond voice for increased productivity, reliability and safety. 


  • Enhanced Privacy 
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Man Down 
  • Transmit Inhibit 
  • Indoor Location
  • SINC+ Noise Cancellation
  • Mute Mode
  • Rx Audio Leveling 
  • Text to Speech 
  • Multi-Button PTT 
  • Bluetooth Audio 
  • Bluetooth Data 
  • Enhanced GPS 
  • Digital Voting 
  • Dynamic Mixed Mode 
  • IP Repeater Programming 

In the box

  • Essential Software and Repair 
  • 2 years warranty + 3 additional years 


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