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Mitel Aastra 632D Version 2

Mitel wireless phone with PABX, PTI and emergency button - version 2

Key features
  • Special DECT cordless phone for Aastra systems
  • Resistant IP65
  • WIP: Worker-isolated protection 
  • Detection of verticality loss
  • SOS emergency call key
  • Hands-free Bluetooth technology
  • 3 programmable side keys
  • Communications encryption
EAN: 7630013884064Manufacturer part #: 50006865
Internal ref: AA632DV2GGUK

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Subject to manufacturer conditions
1 year standard warranty
£419.99 Incl. VAT
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Product description

Multifunctional cordless phone for Aastra PABX systems

The wireless terminals of the Mitel 630D range are compatible with Aastra communication systems. In tandem with Aastra's DECT-over-SIP solutions, the Mitel 632D highlights the advantages of VoIP technology.

Powerful yet precise

The Mitel 632D is a robust DECT phone, resistant to dust and water splashes, and ideal for outdoor and industrial environments. The phone can endure being dropped from up to 2 metres high, is designed to be cleaned very easily and adjusts to the hygiene standards of the healthcare sector. It also includes a series of safety functions, ideal for professionals working in hospitals, prisons and other safety-related professions. The integrated alarm sensor (detection of loss of verticality) is a perfect safety measure for lone workers who are in isolated environments. When the phone goes from a vertical to a horizontal position, an emergency call to a predefined telephone is triggered. It also has an additional emergency call key, which activates the call manually, guaranteeing the safety of the user.

Consistent clarity

The 632D phone has a large, 7-line, backlit colour screen, which offers a clear and visible image whatever the weather. Thanks to its advanced functions, you can filter out the ambient noise and adjust the volume of the call tone, input and output. The sound quality is excellent even in noisy environments, and the phone will notify you when you have an incoming call.

Keep connected

The 632D offers a personal directory with a capacity of 200 contacts, with 5 entries each (professional and personal number, mobile phone number, email address and personalized ring tone). The Aastra 632 DECT is equipped with Bluetooth that allows you to pair wireless headphones. It is also compatible with GAP technology and supports the download of the firmware over-the-air, which allows you to keep your phones up-to-date. The battery can be charged via the USB cable, regardless of the charging stand, allowing the phone to remain accessible even while charging.


  • IWP: Individual worker protection
  • Detection of verticality loss
  • Emergency button on the top of the phone
  • IP65: dustproof and waterproof
  • Bluetooth: Hands-free calls with a Bluetooth headset
  • 3 programmable side buttons + 3 function keys below the screen
  • Large 7-line color screen - customisable wallpaper
  • Can be recharged via mini-USB connection
  • Directory of 200 names and numbers
  • Resistant to falls on concrete
  • Encrypted communications
  • Vibrate alerts
  • Silent mode
  • 2.5 mm jack connection for headphones
  • 48 ringtones including 40 polyphonic ones
  • Different ringtones for internal / external calls
  • Automatic PIN identification
  • Filtering out of background noise in noisy environments
  • 5 configurable user profiles
  • 3 LEDs
  • Automatic update of the software over-the-air (through the air interface)
  • Lock with PIN code
  • Adjustable volume: tone, call, speaker, earphone
  • Range limit notice
  • Record of the last 30 calls received
  • Redial of the last 20 numbers
  • Battery life: 100 hours on standby / 12 hours in conversation
  • Dimensions: 135 x 53 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 125 g
  • Battery Lithium-Ion 850 mAh
  • Supplied with belt clip

In the box

  • Mitel 632D phone
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Clip belt
  • Desktop charger with power supply
  • User manual

Product Specs.

More Information
Warranty1 year
TechnologyIP DECT technology
PABX compatiblePABX Mitel Aastra Mivoice 415/430
RangeDECT : 50m indoor + 300m outdoor
Standby / Talk time100h / 12h
Hands free speakerphoneWith hands free speakerphone
DisplayWith colour display
Touch screenWithout touch screen
AndroidWithout Android system
Caller IDWith caller ID
SOS buttonWith SOS button
BluetoothWith Bluetooth
Headset portWith 2.5mm jack
VibrateWith vibration
Robustness / Water ResistanceWater resistant
IP RatingIP65 rating
Repeater compatibilityWith compatible repeater
Handset size135 x 53 x 22.5 mm

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